Modules control the "flow" of your course and its content.  Use modules to add weekly organization to your materials and activities.  If you think of them as 'folders', Modules can be used to create any sort of organization to the course.

Adding a Module to a Course

From the Modules page, an instructor can add modules, add items to a module, and manage module settings. Instructors can also reorder all modules and module items.

A modules page with items highlighted. See caption for more information.
Add a new item to a module by clicking the "+" icon in the module header. Green check marks indicate which items are published. Module items display only a title, and one item type is a simple text header to divide the module semantically and visually.

How do I use the Modules Index Page?

How do I add a module?

Adding Content to a Module

You can add new or existing content items in Canvas to a module by clicking the "+" button in the upper right corner of the module header. You can add an item to multiple modules, or multiple iterations of an item to one module.

How do I add a Panopto video to a module?

How do I add assignment types, pages, and files as module items?

Restricting Modules

When you set up prerequisites for a module, students must complete specified tasks in a module before being allowed to view another module. When you add requirements to a module, students must complete the defined requirements within the module before the module will be marked complete. You can require students to complete all requirements in the module, or have them choose one item to fulfill a specific requirement. You can also specify that module items need to be accessed in the order they appear in the module.

The module settings window with the Requirements section highlighted. See caption for more information.
Use the Requirements section of the settings window to set various restrictions on a module, such as which of the items the student must engage with, and in what manner (depending on the item).

How do I add prerequisites to a module?

How do I add requirements to a module?

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Updated: October 11, 2022