Inbox Overview

The Inbox tool in Canvas displays all messages sent and received within Canvas. View messages by course to see messages from a specific group of students.

Note: Communications via the Inbox are not the same as email.  These messages are internal Canvas messages from user-to-user.  However, in most cases, the messages will be relayed to the users via a notification to their email address.  The Canvas Inbox acts as a storage repository for messages.

Note 2: All users can opt out of the Canvas storage Inbox and have all messages redirected to email from their account Settings page.

Diagram of the Conversations tools

How do I use Inbox as an instructor?

Sending Messages

Message individual students or an entire class using Inbox. Recipients will receive email notifications and Canvas notifications of your message.  Messages can also include attachments. Click the Compose a new message icon in the Inbox toolbar to get started.

Composing a new message

How do I send a message to a user in a course in Inbox as an instructor?

How do I send a message to all course users in Inbox as an instructor?

Viewing and Replying to Messages

View a message received from a student or other user in Canvas.

Steps to view a new message

How do I find my unread messages in Inbox as an instructor?

How do I reply to a message in Inbox as an instructor?

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Updated: October 11, 2022