Canvas How-To: New Quizzes

Last updated 11/24/21

What is "New Quizzes"?

Beginning July 1, 2022, Canvas will be phasing out the existing tool for creating quizzes and replacing it with "New Quizzes". As the name implies, New Quizzes is a new experience for instructors, offering a few more question types than the "Classic" quiz tool as well as easier management of quiz settings. New Quizzes is not a significant change for students taking a quiz.

New Quizzes FAQ

When is it coming?

There are two timelines, one for creating quizzes and one for assigning them:

  • Creating quizzes: Beginning July 1, 2022, New Quizzes will be the only tool available to create a quiz from scratch.
    ​OAT will enable the option to use New Quizzes in all courses on December 20, 2021
  • Assigning quizzes: Beginning June 1, 2023, New Quizzes will be the only type of quiz students can take. Instructors can continue to use existing Classic quizzes until that date. 

What about existing quizzes?

Existing Classic quizzes must be migrated to the New Quizzes format before June 1, 2023 or they will become disabled. 

What new question types are in New Quizzes?

Can students receive special accommodations in New Quizzes?

Yes, additional time and attempts can be configured for students. In fact, the time limit feature is more flexible in New Quizzes than in Classic quizzes. More information.

How do I migrate a Classic quiz to New Quizzes?

On the Quizzes page of a course, choose the “Migrate” choice in the 3-dot menu of the quiz. Canvas’s documentation page explains more.

What ‘gotchas’ should I know about?

The development process for New Quizzes is still on-going, so there some holes to be aware of currently: 

  • Matching and Ordering questions cannot yet award partial credit — they are either full credit or zero credit in New Quizzes at the moment. 
  • Questions stored in existing Canvas Question Banks must be migrated separately to the new “Item Banks” feature of New Quizzes. This is an extra step that is done separately from migrating a quiz that might use those questions.  Here’s how.

Additional Resources

Helpful overview of New Quizzes (From Yale University)

FAQ about New Quizzes (From Instructure)

Feature comparison between Classic and New Quizzes (From Instructure)

The change to New Quizzes is being made by Instructure/Canvas. OAT is dedicated to helping make the transition as smooth as possible for all instructors. Workshops to learn the new tool will be scheduled in early 2022. Please contact if you have any questions!