External LMS User Requests

External users (someone not officially affiliated with Stan State) may be added to LMS courses at the discretion of the instructor.  However, the instructor must first request that an LMS account be created for an external user using the LMS External Account Request form. This will allow the user to be added to a course and login to the LMS.

Procedure and Workflow

  1. Instructor fills out the form to provide details about the user and the course where the user will be added.
    • A notification of the request will be copied to the college dean and the Director of Academic Technology. This is a notification only and does not require approval.
  2. Work order is created in OAT to create the account. OAT staff create the account.
  3. OAT notifies external user and requesting instructor about the new account and how to access the LMS.
    • Instructor is responsible for adding the user to the course.

Note: Faculty do NOT need to request a Person of Interest (POI form) through Human Resources or Faculty Affairs for the External User.

External LMS User Request Form

For questions about external accounts, contact oat@csustan.edu.