Building Numbers and Codes

# Code Building Name
1 L Vasche Library
2 B Bizzini Hall
4 CY Corporation Yard
5 F Fieldhouse
6 M Music
6A SRH Snider Recital Hall
7 D Theatre/Drama
8 A Art
9 S Science 1
10 E Educational Services
10A CX Classroom Annex
11 FX Fieldhouse Annex
12 C Main Dining (Cafeteria)
12 C South Dining
15 FA Fitzpatrick Arena
21 DBH Demergasso-Bava Hall
25 -- see University Student Center
27 MSR Mary Stuart Rogers Educational Srvcs Gateway
29 HC Health Center
30 FDC John Stuart Rogers Faculty Development Center
# Code Building Name
35 N Naraghi Hall of Science
37-39a RLV Residential Life Village/Student Housing
41 IC Innovative Center
50 SC University Student Center
50 -- University Bookstore
53 EC Event Center
61 SFC Student Fitness Center
61 SRC Student Recreation Complex
105 CS Campus Services
116 SS Student Services
210 LX Library Annex
211 SSX Student Services Annex
  GR Golf Range
  O Outdoor Athletic Facilities
  SB Softball Field
  SF Soccer Field
  STK Stockton ("A" prefix are in Acacia Building)
  TC Tennis Courts
  TR Track

Updated: January 30, 2024