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Co Ed Intramural Deadline

               5v5 Soccer
                Badminton singles 
                Badminton doubles 
                Tennis Singles
                Tennis Doubles

Fitness competition

Link: Upcoming Fitness Competition 

Recreational Opportunities

Sign up for some of our programs or purchase a faculty/staff membership here:

Located on the east side of campus, Stan State Campus Recreation offers a variety of activities for your personal fitness needs. Stan State Campus Recreation​ has an aerobics room for the offered Group Ex classes, a personal fitness room for your cardio and weight training needs, a multi sport gymnasium for recreation play, an outdoor track at the SRC Warrior Stadium and climbing boulders.

As a courtesy to all facility users, no personal or outside music is allowed to be amplified and played in the Student Fitness Center.  You are welcome to use headphones or earbuds to enjoy your own personal music, thank you.