1. Why do I need to bring my ID each time to use the SRC?

For participants' convenience and safety, the Campus Recreation has ID checks to allow patrons to enter. All participants must present one of the following valid IDs, no exceptions allowed:

  • Students - Warrior Card (will be verified that Campus Recreation student fees have been paid for the current semester).
  • Faculty, Staff and Alumni - Warrior Card (will be verified that fees are current).
  • A dated Campus Recreation Guest pass issued when a guest is properly sponsored by a Stanislaus State student or member and has paid the guest fee.

2. How do I check out equipment?

Locker keys, volleyballs, basketballs and miscellaneous sports equipment may be checked out at the Welcome Desk. Lockers can be checked out for a maximum of 3 hours. The TV for workout DVD's and Xbox Kinect games can be checked out for a maximum of 1 hour.  You will be billed for any unreturned equipment.

3. Is the track open for students and members to use?

Yes, the track is open for students and members to use during facility daylight hours and when it has not been reserved by a group.  The following rules apply:

Check in at the Campus Recreation Welcome Desk.

  • Only proper athletic clothing and athletic shoes are to be worn.
  • Only the outside 4 lanes of the track should be used.
  • Stay off the field at all times.

4. How many laps on the track make a mile?

Run four laps on the track to complete a mile.

5. May I bring a guest?

Students and members are permitted to sponsor guests to use the facilities for a fee in accordance with all guest policies. See our Guest Passes page for more information.

6. Can anyone under age 18 use the Campus Recreation?

Campus Recreation members must be 18 years or older to enter the facility. Exceptions to age policy:

  • Regularly enrolled Stanislaus State students under age 18
  • Participants in pre-approved youth sponsored tours/visits/activities/events

(Campus Recreation Policies - Age Restriction section)

7. If I am not a student, do I have to be a member to take Group Exercise classes? Is there a cost for the classes?

Yes. Faculty, staff, and alumni interested in participating in the Group Exercise classes must purchase an Campus Recreation membership. There is no additional cost for taking the classes.

8. Is there any way for me to get a membership if I'm not connected to Stanislaus State in any way?

Due to the limitations of our facilities to serve the students, memberships are only available to faculty, staff, and alumni of Stanislaus State.  All other individuals are eligible to purchase a guest pass when sponsored by a member in good standing.

9. How can I reserve an Campus Recreation facility?

The requestor will need to submit the Campus Recreation Facility Reservation Agreement, available online, at least six weeks prior to the date(s) requested. Reservations submitted less than six weeks prior to the event date cannot be guaranteed.  A Campus Recreation facility use request is not guaranteed until confirmed.

10. Can I park in the lot next to the Fitness Center building?

The parking lot adjacent to the Campus Recreation is not an Campus Recreation facility. Users must display a current Stanislaus State parking pass. You will be ticketed by University Police if you do not display the proper pass. Automated parking ticket machines are at the entrance to the campus off Geer Road to allow others to park near the Campus Recreation Center for a nominal fee.

11. Can I use the complimentary towels for showering?

Towels for showering should be brought from home. All members using the weight, fitness and cardio equipment room are asked to carry a towel to wipe and dry the machines and upholstery after using it. Human perspiration is highly corrosive; please ensure the long life of the equipment and upholstery by wiping-off the machines with a towel.

12. What is engraved on the front of the Campus Recreation Center?

The words " Were there is courage, there is victory" are engraved in Latin.