Our Mission:

To empower students with the knowledge needed to make informed financial decisions and cultivate lasting financial fortitude, both before and after graduation.

Image of Chrissy smiling.

Meet Chrissy: Hey Friends, growing up in an immigrant household, I witnessed sacrifice and resilience firsthand. Raised by my devoted godmother and single mother, I embarked on a journey from Fresno, CA, to pursue higher education at Stan State in 2016. 

Despite the odds, with unwavering faith, a supportive community, and dedicated mentors, I graduated with honors, debt-free, earning a B.A. in Child Development and a Minor in Psychology in just four years. Now, at 25 and happily married, I'm humbled to inspire and support others on their paths, knowing firsthand that transformation is within reach for anyone who dares to try.

What We Do:

  • Workshops 
  • Warrior Wealth Wednesdays: Mastering Financial Fortitude (In the quad)
  • Advising [Entrance and Exit Counseling (Loans), Budgeting assistance, etc.] 
  • Available through Financial Aid Office (In-person/Zoom), Warrior Connect (coming soon!)
  • Providing resources to aid in achieving financial stability and security

The Cohort Default Rate (CDR) is an accountability metric for US colleges that are eligible for federal Pell Grants and student loans. The CDR measures the share of federal student loan borrowers who default within a specified period after entering repayment. You can find Stan States' official Cohort Default Rate (CDR) by entering our school code (001157) in the search area where the OPEID is required.

Official Cohort Default Rate Search for Schools

Contact Us

Email: cmcelwain@csustan.edu | Instagram:  @stanstatefinancialaid

Updated: April 03, 2024