Federal Work-Study Program

The Work-Study Program is a federally funded grant program that provides employment for students to help with the cost of education. If you have additional questions, see FAQs or a Financial Aid Advisor during walk-in hours. Please call (209) 667-3336.

  • Accept your award
  • Apply for a job (You may begin seeking job placements as early as August)
  • Maintain 1/2 time enrollment in order to remain eligible

Current Openings

Funding is limited! Students may begin working the first day of each semester; or the date the hiring process is completed, whichever date is later.

First-Time Work-Study Employee

If you are a first-time work-study employee that has been hired (not previously employed), a sign-in session with Human Resources is required prior to beginning work. Students will need to bring acceptable identification to one of the scheduled Sign-Ins. For more information please visit the Human Resources website.

* If one of the sign-in sessions conflicts with a student's classes, an appointment may be scheduled by contacting Human Resources Department (MSR 320 Building #27 see map) at (209) 667-3351.

NOTE: If your Federal Work-Study award is not accepted or if you have not found employment it may be canceled. Cancellation is for the entire academic year.

A program funded through federal work-study. Tutors work with K-6th grade students to improve their reading skills at local elementary schools. This program requires at least 1/2-time enrollment in order to maintain eligibility.

Forms (Current Tutors)

  • Complete your FAFSA by the priority deadline (March 2nd)
  • Be enrolled in at least 6.0 units
  • Be in Good Academic Standing

If you were not originally awarded Work-Study and wish to receive Federal Work-Study, submit an electronic written request to add work-study to your financial aid award. If funding becomes available, you will be notified by the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office.

Document Upload Form


Submit a Request

Only students who have a Federal Work-Study award may apply for jobs through the Work-Study Program.

Do you need help with your resume? Preparing for interviews?

Contact Career Services
Email: career@csustan.edu
Website: Career Services
Office Location: MSR 230

Questions about the Federal Work-Study Program

Learning Align Employment Program

The Learning Aligned Employment Program (LAEP) is a state-funded grant program that provides employment for eligible students to help with the cost of education while gaining education-aligned, career-related employment. Student eligibility is determined by the Financial Aid Office.

Note: Eligible undergraduate students must be enrolled at least half-time. There is no summer LAEP funding available.

Financial Aid & Scholarship office will identify the eligible departments that can participate in the program. And will contact the department directly.

General Department Qualifications:

  • Departments that offer research-based jobs, and direct opportunities to participate in research that a mentor undertakes are eligible to participate in the program.
  • Departments that can align the student employees with the areas of study offered by the institution and aligned with an eligible student’s area of study.
  • Able to provide participating students with full-time employment opportunities, or opportunities to connect with other employers capable of providing participating students with full-time employment opportunities, within their areas of study after graduation.

LAEPS job requisition just like other student employment opportunities will be initiated through CHRS Recruiting. A CHRS recruiting guide on LAEP job requisition is available on the HR website.

*All new hires must be processed through CHRS.

After the department selects the finalist and the finalist is routed to Financial Aid. Financial Aid will contact the student to initiate the LAEP Authorization form. This form must be fully completed by the department and submitted to Financial Aid.

After Financial Aid sends the LAEP department allocations notification, the departments can email the returning student’s ID# & full name to Financial Aid for verification of eligibility.

Financial Aid will email the LAEP Authorization form to the department if the student is eligible.

LAEP Flow Chart

Updated: June 08, 2023