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Student Employment Handbook

All Student Employees are responsible for reading and following the Employment Guidelines set forth in the Student Employment Handbook.

Time Sheet Instructions

All student (hourly) employees can enter their hours worked on their myStanState account, by following the TimeSheet Instructional guide.

All questions regarding pay and related information can be located by visiting the Human Resources/Payroll page and selecting the Payroll tab. 

Academic Calendar


International Student Employees

All international students who have F-1 and J-1 visa status must follow a set of immigration regulations as outlined by the U.S. government in order to maintain their international student status. The following set of rules and regulations is a guide to properly maintaining international student status at Stanislaus State. These rules and regulations can be found by visiting the Office of International Education.

Bridge Student Employees

Bridge Student Employees are student employees that are employed by Stanislaus State during the non-academic summer term. These students are placed into the mandatory retirement program for Part-Time, Seasonal, and Temporary (PST) employees. For more information about the PST, please visit the Employee Benefits section pertaining to Retirement, or the direct PST Retirement site itself. 


To  complete the required employee trainings please visit Training & Development or visit the CSU Learn page. For questions please contact Kimberly McField at (209) 667-3648 or by email at

Executive Order 1083

Executive Order 1083
Statement of Acknowledgment for Limited Reporters
Statement of Acknowledgement for General Reporters

*Procedures pertaining to reporting child abuse and/or neglect can be located on the Compliance web page.

Workers' Compensation

For questions about Workers' Compensation, please see Workers’ Compensation web page or contact Krista Vasquez at (209) 667-6921 or


Areli Ortiz
(209) 664-6774
Talent Acquisition &Employment Assistant


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Can I work overtime?
A:  No.  When school is in session, Student Assistants may work up to, but not exceed, 20 hours per week. When school is not in session due to quarter/semester academic breaks and summer recess, Student Assistants may work up to a maximum of 40 hours per week but shall not be scheduled, nor permitted, to work overtime.

Q:  How many units do I have to be enrolled in to work on campus?
A: Undergraduate students must be enrolled in at least 6 units, and graduate (post-baccalaureate) students must be enrolled in at least 4 units. 

Q: Who do I contact if I have not received my pay check?
A: If you have not received a pay check for the hours you worked in the previous month, and have been to the Cashier's Office (MSR 100) to pick up your pay check, than contact your Payroll Technician by either email or by phone. All Payroll Technicians are listed on the Human Resources/Payroll page under the Payroll Tab.

Q: When do I have to complete the New Student Employee hiring forms?
A: New Student Employee hiring forms are only to be completed after an individual has been offered a position on campus and has never worked for Stanislaus State before. The required forms can be completed by attending a sign-in or by scheduling an individual appointment. More information pertaining to the types of forms and sign-ins can be found by visiting the New Student Sign-in page.

Q: When do I get paid?
A:  All hourly employees (which includes student employees) are paid on the 15th of every month (a day that is indicated by a dot on the College-Year Calendar), for the hours they worked in the previous pay period.

Q: Who do I contact if I have problems with my timesheet?
A: If you are having problems with your timesheet, it is recommended that you contact your Payroll Technician by either email or by phone. All Payroll Technicians are listed on the Human Resources/Payroll page under the Payroll Tab.

Q: Where do I pick up my pay check?
A: All pay warrants (checks and stubs) can be picked up in the Cashier's Office in MSR 100.

Q: How do I get my check mailed to me?
A: By providing the Human Resources Department (MSR 320) with a self-addressed stamped envelope.