Federal Work-Study Process (Staff)

FWS is a need-based, federally funded grant program which provides employment for either undergraduate or graduate students to help with the cost of education. Students may indicate their interest in work-study by answering a question while completing the FAFSA. Eligible students may earn money to help with the cost of education while enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours.

Work-Study Process

  1. Provost office allocates FWS funds for the departments at the beginning of each academic year (around August).
  2. FWS coordinator notifies the departments that were allocated FWS funds.
    Departments can begin to submit their job requisitions in CHRS recruiting.
    Email the FWS coordinator the list of returning student employees & ID numbers of the potential rehires to verify their WS eligibility. If returning employees are eligible: FWS coordinator will send the department a copy of the Reappointment Authorization Form.
  3. All WS eligible students are notified of the WS job opportunities.

FWS Flow Chart

Reappointment Authorization Form Process

  • For returning work-study employees:
    Email the Work-Study Coordinator your student's info after you receive your WS allocation email to verify if they are still eligible and to obtain the Reappointment Authorization form.
    Once the department fully completes the form, it must be emailed to the Work-Study Coordinator.
  • All new hires will be processed through CHRS recruiting:
    After the WS department’s allocation is completed for the academic year, departments can initiate the hiring process in CHRS recruiting

Note: Departments should not be emailing the Authorization form directly to HR.

Start Date & Last Day of Work

All work-study employees (new/returning) may begin working only after a confirmation email from HR has been received.

Work-study employees CANNOT continue working past the end of Spring term (Ex:May 24th is the last day for 2022-23 academic year)


Students CAN work during the Winter Session (students are not required to register for classes during Winter term to be able to work) and semester breaks.

There is NO Federal Work-Study available during the summer term.

Work-Study Notifications

  • Work-Study Usage Amounts
    A monthly email notification is sent to all departments.
    Note: Each department is responsible to track their own work-study employee available balance.
  • Negative Work-Study Balance
    An email notification is sent to the department when their work-study student has a negative balance that needs to be transferred to their department's account.
  • Less Than $500 Work-Study Available Balance
    An email notification sent to the department if their work study employee available balance is less than $500.

What if a work-study employee runs out of work-study funds?

The department must switch them to student assistants or terminate their employment. If the work-study employee goes over their allocation the department must cover their overage to clear the work-study negative balance. The department must notify the HR and FWS coordinator.

What if a work-study employee resigns before the semester/Academic Year Ends?

Immediately notify HR & the Work-Study coordinator and complete a separation form for HR.

Can a department hire more than one employee for a $4000 work-study allocation?

No. Only one work-study employee can be hired for every $4000 work-study allocation.

Do not email the Reappointment Authorization form to HR.

Do not use old versions of the Authorization forms (Forms are updated every year to stay in compliance).

Do not share R-Authorization forms with other Departments. Not all departments have a work-study allocation.

Do not assume that your current work-study employee is going to be eligible for work-study funds the following year (Eligibility depends on their FAFSA application).

Do not schedule your work-study employee to start working prior to receiving the confirmation email from HR.

For questions about the FWS program and process contact:

Ana Contreras

Program Coordinator

Financial Aid & Scholarship Office (MSR100)


For questions about CHRS recruiting please contact HR.

Updated: June 08, 2023