25Live Scheduling

25Live is Stanislaus State's space scheduling and event submission platform. The 25Live system allows users to secure a location for events and academic courses, request campus services, and allows for review of events on and off campus to ensure event success and safety.


Information & Resources

We know these are extremely challenging times for everyone. If you or your family members need assistance in coping or in dealing with circumstances as a result of current events, we encourage you to take advantage of our employee assistance program. You can utilize this benefit in two ways:

Please visit the EAP webpage for more information on the program

Stanislaus State supports the use of telecommuting in positions where appropriate and beneficial to the University and the employee. The Telecommuting program recognizes the benefits available through a planned and managed telecommuting program. Such an option can save commute time and expense for employees and offer some uninterrupted time for concentrated work.

Learn more about the Telecommute Program

Check your voicemail, forward calls to cell phone or receive calls on your computer

Learn more about the Telephone Services

Sleep, Live & Work Well

Working from home can be challenging. When working from home it can be difficult to "switch off" as you are living and working in the same space.

Here are some tips that can help

Tips, Tutorials, & other Resources

A few tip sheets and tutorials that OIT has been putting together to help the campus community adjust to working from home.

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msr rainbow

Reservation system for technology devices available for the campus community.