Payroll is responsible for requesting and auditing all state paychecks for faculty, staff and students in accordance with The State Controller's Office and CSU policies and procedures. Payroll also maintains leave balances.

Please see below for your Payroll Technician. Customer Service is distributed by the first letter of your last name. You may reach us during business hours by calling the main line: 209-667-3351 or individual lines are indicated at the bottom. For your convenience we have voicemail or you may contact us via e-mail.

Faculty, Staff & Student Payroll

General Payroll Information
(209) 667-3351


Stacey Gross-Schneider
Payroll Technician III

(209) 667-3383
Annie Panyanouvong
Payroll Technician II

H-M & Special Consultants
(209) 667-3397
Pardi Singh
Payroll Technician III

(209) 667-3992
Brittni Osborn
Payroll Technician II

Robin Lenz
Payroll Manager
(209) 667-3309

Payroll FAQs

Where do I find out more about the Pre-Tax Parking Deduction Plan?

How do I earn vacation credit?

Do I lose my vacation if I do not use it in the current calendar year?

I'm an hourly intermittent Staff employee, do I earn vacation/sick leave or personal holiday credits?

Do per diem employee's earn vacation/sick leave or personal holiday credits?

What do I do when someone in our area uses more accruals than they have available on the books?

Do I lose my sick leave credits if I do not use them I the current calendar year?

How do I get my paycheck or direct deposit advice?

How can I enroll for direct deposit?

I've lost my paycheck and/or direct deposit advice. What can I do?

What happens to my pay if I never cash (deposit) my paycheck or the bank tells me the check is stale dated and I'm unable to cash it?

When are W-2s issued?

What is a Paycheck calculator?

I was a victim of identity thief, should I contact the Payroll Office?

Are payroll checks (warrants) printed here on campus?

I'm unable to pick up my paycheck on payday and don't have direct deposit. What do I do?

What should I do if my payroll check is damaged?

How do I get a refund of my contributions to the various retirement accounts upon complete separation from the University?