Stanislaus State supports telecommuting when the campus determines it is operationally feasible and in its best interest. Telecommuting is voluntary and can be implemented only in instances in which a department's appropriate administrator/MPP has determined that the nature of the job duties of a particular position can be performed successfully outside the traditional office setting without an undue impact on the University's operations and educational mission.

Senior Director, Talent Management and Workforce Development
Michelle Kincanon
Phone: (209) 667-3376

Telecommute Agreement Process

Step 1: Review the Telecommute Policy and associated attachments.

Before you initiate a conversation with your supervisor or appropriate administrator, familiarize yourself with Stanislaus State's Telecommuting Policy so that you understand the obligations, responsibilities, and limitations associated with Telecommuting or Remote Work.

Step 2: Meet with your supervisor or appropriate administrator

Meet with your supervisor to discuss the possibility of telecommuting.

Step 3: Complete Telecommute Agreement

After you complete the request form, you will receive an email from Adobe Sign with a copy of the policy and complete agreement. Review the policy, complete the required fields, and sign. Once signed, it will route to your supervisor/manager and the Dean/AVP/VP as appropriate. Once all signatures are obtained, a final copy will be emailed back to all parties as well as human resources for record-keeping.

Telecommuter's Agreement form

Resources for Successfully Telecommuting

The following resources are provided to help you be successful when telecommuting.

Updated: December 08, 2023