The Employee Clearance Procedure must be completed for all employees separating from employment, retiring, or transferring to another department. The clearance procedure must be completed PRIOR to the employee’s last day worked on campus or last day of employment. This is required to ensure the return of all state property and government-issued items such as pro-card, keys, state records, and equipment; to ensure systems access has been cancelled or updated.

Users must be on campus or logged into the VPN GlobalProtect in order to use the clearance process.

Paperless Clearance Process

Employee Lookup: Type in the separating employee’s name or employee ID. Please note that if the employee has multiple positions, select the applicable position to clear.

Employee Info: The Employee department, type and supervisor will default to the page based on the position selected for the employee.

Separation Type: Select the applicable separation type. Choices are Retirement, Resignation and Appointment Ends

Last Day Worked: Select the last calendar day of work. It may or may not be the last day paid. For example, if an employee resigns, has two weeks of vacation and chooses to be paid out over that time instead of receiving a lump sum payout, their Last Day Worked will be different than the Last Pay Date.

Form Comments: Enter any comments regarding form information, such as the description of dates or scenarios for the separation. Then Click the Next button

Comments: Enter any comments regarding the approval, such as information on items cleared or waiting, etc., then click Submit.

Employee Clearance Checklist

NOTE: All secure computer access, travel and procurement cards, and ID card door access will be revoked appropriately on your date of separation unless otherwise requested/approved.

  • Absences: Ensure that your final absences have been entered into Absence Management Self-Services and approved by your supervisor; submission must be four (4) days prior to your last physical day in order for your pay to issue accordingly.
  • Survey: Complete the Exit Interview Survey (voluntary/optional)
  • Personal Information: Ensure your address is current in Personal Information Changes for when your W2 issues in January
  • Concur: Ensure you have submitted all outstanding travel documents or reimbursement forms

  • Parking Permit: Return the permit to University Police and receive a temporary permit issued through the last day you are scheduled to work
  • Keys: Return/transfer keys through the Online Key and Card Access or contact Facilities Services at 209-667-3211
  • Department Property: Return all department property (e.g., laptops, phones, pro-card, etc.) to your supervisor or the appropriate department.
  • Library Material: Return all library material to the Library

Please be aware of the below information as it pertains to health benefits after separation:
As health deductions are taken one month in advance, health premium deductions should be taken from your last issued pay warrant. This deduction will continue your health benefits through the month after separation. Example: Separation date: 02/16/2022, health coverage end date: 03/31/2022.

You will also have the option to enroll in COBRA coverage for continued coverage. COBRA information will be mailed to your address on file. For additional questions, please reach out to Kayla Villarreal.

Supervisor Clearance Checklist

Paperless Clearance Process: to authorize clearance by respective departments on campus (e.g., OIT, Facilities Services, etc.). Users must be on campus or logged into the VPN GlobalProtect in order to use the clearance process.

Department Property: Make sure you have collected all department property (e.g., laptops, phones, etc.) prior to the employee's last day

Absences: Make sure the final absences have been approved in PeopleSoft Absence Management; approval must be four (4) days prior to the employee's last physical day

Updated: August 13, 2023