Internal Communications

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StanEvents & Announcements (SEA) and Warrior Weekly (WW) – Highlight University events, important announcements, upcoming deadlines, facilities updates, etc.

StanNews – Read the latest news from and about Stan State, media coverage, trending topics and more.

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Event & Announcements Overview

Platform Audience Distribution Submission Deadline Where to Submit
StanEvents & Announcements Faculty, Staff M, W, F Noon on Monday Events via 25Live
Announcements via webform
Warrior Weekly Students W Noon on Monday Events via 25Live
Announcements via webform
StanNews Faculty, Staff M N/A Submit a story idea
University Events Calendar (UEC) Campus, Public Website, SEA & WW 4 weeks prior to event date. Additional time may be needed for other approvals Events via 25Live

Event & Announcement Submission FAQs

1) What is the submission process for announcements?

2) What is the submission process for events?

3) What information do I need to submit in 25Live to promote my event?

4) What if my submission has dates, do I use 25Live or the announcement submission form?

5) What visual should I submit with my event/announcement?

6) Is there a resource where I can find images?

7) I have an image, but it's too big. How can I resize it?

8) Why should I use 25Live for my virtual events?

9) What if I want to send a save the date?

10) How do I write an event description to engage my audience?


StanEvents & Announcements is the campuswide round-up of University events and announcements for faculty and staff and Warrior Weekly for students. Both newsletters leverage web-based automation technology and provide the opportunity to personalize the user communication experience. Our University has implemented this technology for communications with our faculty, staff and students.

StanNews is the official source of University news, highlighting internal and external coverage. These e-communications provide faculty, staff and students with a concise, consistent and interactive format for campus announcements and news.


The Division of University Advancement, in collaboration with the University Communications Advisory Group and the GREAT Student Communications Workgroup, evaluated and analyzed how we communicate internally as a University. A campuswide survey was conducted to gather additional feedback. Many survey respondents expressed receiving too many campuswide emails, which stifle communication about important topics and events. The survey indicated a weekly email streamlining University news and announcements to faculty and staff is the preferred method of internal University communication.