1. Confirm the date, time, title, description, and thumbnail image for your event
  2. Schedule the webinar/Zoom/Team Meeting
  3. Enter your event into 25Live
    • In the location section, search for "Online/Webinar" and ensure the "Hide Conflicts" button is NOT checked, otherwise, this location will not display
    • If you are requesting a publication for your event, provide an email or URL in the “registration/more info link” field so people can register for your event
  4. Assign webinar roles - see the Virtual Event Roles and Responsibilities for help in defining these roles
  5. Meet with panelists to confirm the webinar's structure and content
  6. Create and send email invitations
  7. Arrange plans for live closed captioning or ASL as needed
    • Include the following note when promoting the event online or in print material: Persons with disabilities who need accommodations or have questions about access may contact the program sponsoring the event, by phone at (209) 667-3913.
  8. Finalize your presentations; add poll questions as needed
  9. Create a Virtual Event Schedule/Agenda
  10. Host a tech rehearsal to review the event plan and run through any screen shares, presentations, videos, and interactive features.
    • Have presenters/panelists do this rehearsal with the setup they will use for the event
    • Double-check camera placement, background, lighting, audio, distractions, etc.
  11. Send an event reminder to attendees
  12. Share backup copies of screen graphics and presentations with stage managers, hosts, and moderators
  13. Send attendees a reminder email with the call login information

Contact the University Events Office at (209) 667-3913 with any additional questions, resources, or guidance

Updated: September 07, 2023