​25Live is Stanislaus State's space scheduling and event submission platform. The 25Live system not only allows users to secure a location for events and academic courses but also to request campus services and allows for review of University events on and off campus to ensure event success and safety.  The main focuses of the 25Live system include:

  • Reserve spaces for meetings, events, and academic courses
  • Ensure proper review of all activities taking place on campus
  • Secure campus services for personnel, equipment, and assistance such as:
    • HVAC & Locks/Unlocks of rooms
    • OIT Work Order requests
    • Publication requests
  • Serve as a resource to know where people are gathered in an emergency

The 25Live Reservations Office serves as the administrator for the 25Live system, including completing system improvements, managing the locations database, training campus schedulers and users, and confirming event requests.

To view all University reservations or to create a new reservation, please go to the 25Live Pro login.

Updated: August 10, 2023