Announcements & Updates

Fall 2020 Announcements

Winter/Spring Term Scheduling (December 2, 2020) 

The Winter/Spring scheduling terms (Jan 1 to May 31, 2021) will open on Monday, December 7th.
All University events, including virtual events, are required to be input into 25Live for review and approval. To complete an online/virtual event request in 25Live, please select “Online/Virtual” for both the event type and location. For additional information, please review the recent Spring 2021 Events announcement.
For assistance regarding planning a virtual event, please contact the University Events Office at (209) 667-3913 or
For assistance regarding 25Live event requests, please contact the 25Live Office at 209-667-3525 or

Fall Term Scheduling (August 14, 2020)

The fall scheduling term from Aug. 24 to Dec. 31, 2020 will open in 25Live on Monday, Aug. 17 at 9 a.m.
All University events, including virtual events, are required to be input into 25Live for review and approval. To complete an online/virtual event request in 25Live, please select “Online/Virtual” for both the event type and location. For additional information, please review the recent Fall 2020 Events announcement.
For assistance regarding planning a virtual event, please contact the University Events Office at (209) 667-3913 or
For assistance regarding 25Live event requests process, please contact the 25Live Office at 209-667-3525 or

Spring 2020 Announcements

Online/Webinar Events (April 2020)

For University events that are in an ONLINE FORMAT, continue to input event requests into 25Live.  Event requests still need to be reviewed and may require a Release of Liability depending on the activities taking place. 

In the location section, search for "Online/Webinar" and ensure the "Hide Conflicts" button is NOT checked, otherwise this location will not display.  If you are requesting a publication for your event, provide an email or URL in the “registration/more info link” field so people can register for your event.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact:, 209-667-3525.

Submitting to StanEvents & Announcements and Warrior Weekly E-newsletters (April 7, 2020)

Want to share an announcement with faculty, staff and/or students? Submit an announcement by Monday at noon to be included in the upcoming e-newsletter(s). Learn more about how to submit to e-newsletters.


Non-Event Announcement

Use the Announcement Submission Form for non-event related announcements to be shared with faculty, staff and students. When an announcement is submitted, the requestor will receive an email notification confirming the submission. You can also submit a story idea to be considered for campus coverage by the Communications & Public Affairs team. 

Event Announcement

For new events — including online events — the 25Live form captures reservation and marketing information. 

When submitting your event information via 25Live, you will have the option to request your event to be posted on the University Events Calendar, in StanEvents & Announcements (faculty and staff e-newsletter) and Warrior Weekly (student e-newsletter).

To update an old reservation that is changing to an online format, please contact the scheduler listed on your event to change your current reservation location and/or event type to “online/webinar.”

If you are planning a new event in an online format, please continue to use 25Live and select the event type “online/webinar” AND the location “online/webinar.” Event requests still need to be reviewed and may require a release of liability depending on the activities taking place.

Go to the location search section and input “online/webinar” in the search box
Uncheck the “hide conflicts” button, otherwise this location will not display
Include a registration link or email under “registration/more info link” (For Zoom, use a registration link, NOT a direct link. See details below for “Securing Your Zoom Sessions”)

Participants will still need to sign waivers if there are any physical activities required (such as sports, games, activities, etc.). 

Securing Your Zoom Sessions

Do not include the direct Zoom meeting link, especially if posting to the public University Events Calendar. Zoom has built-in registration which is very useful and will provide a registration link. See instructions on how to set up registration for Zoom sessions. Another option is to use an email address or link to a webform where people can register. Read more from OIT on Securing Zoom Meetings. 


If you have any questions regarding a University Events Calendar, StanEvents & Announcements or Warrior Weekly submission, please feel free to contact the Office of Communications & Public Affairs at

If you have any questions or issues regarding 25Live reservations, please contact the 25Live Reservations office at 209-667-3525 or The 25Live team is still available to assist via phone call, email or Zoom during normal office hours.

COVID-19 Precautions (March 2020)

Event organizers and planners who decide to cancel or postpone their events should work with the scheduler listed in your 25Live reservation to update the room reservation. If the event is transitioning to Zoom or another online format, the location of the reservation can be updated to "online/webinar" for the location. Be sure to provide the URL in the “registration/more info link” field. 

In addition, please communicate with speakers and guests, cancel catering, cancel work orders and any other related event arrangements.  In the event that you are unable to get a refund for expenses related to the cancellation or postponement of an event please track those expenses and send them to

To contact your scheduler, go to your event details > More Actions> Email Event Details > Select "To" button next to the scheduler listed, select "Include Event Details" and write your message in the "Body" section.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact:

Staff/Faculty Contact:, 209-667-3525

Student Org Contact:, 209-667-3778

OIT Work Order Requests

OIT Work Order Requests have now been integrated into your 25Live Reservation!

Now, when making a new event reservation, select "OIT Tech/Media/Network Services Work Order Request" and in the comment box, type the service or equipment that you will need from OIT for your event.  Please be as descriptive as possible and look out for an "iSupport Notification" email from "" confirming your request.

Fall 2019 Announcements

Changes Coming to 25Live (October 8, 2019)

What is changing with 25Live?

CollegeNET, the service provider for our scheduling software 25Live, is pleased to announce a new and improved version of the platform, branded as 25Live Pro & 25Live Scheduling, previously known as 25Live Mobile. This updated 25Live application will be the new home for all scheduling functionality in the future.

When will the upgrade take effect?

25Live Pro & 25Live Scheduling are presently available to all users. The current 25Live platform will remain accessible until November 5, 2019.  As 25Live Pro & 25Live Scheduling and our current 25Live draw from the same data sources, any change made in one system will carry to the other during this transitional period.  After November 5, you will only be able to access 25Live Pro & 25Live Scheduling, so be sure to use the next month to get acclimated to the new system.

What is the difference between 25Live Pro and 25Live Scheduling?

25Live Scheduling is a simplified version of 25Live and will be used by most campus users who are simply inputting event requests.  25Live Pro has more advanced scheduling capabilities and although it is available to all users, it is recommended for users who complete task approvals and scheduling functions.

What changes might I expect to see?

Key improvements include:

  • Improved look and feel
  • Simplified, consolidated navigation
  • A unified master search tool

How will I access 25Live Scheduling?

25Live Scheduling will be accessible via the new web address of Note the addition of “scheduling” to the web address. Bookmark this link and plan to use 25Live Scheduling now.

Will training or support be provided on how to navigate 25Live Scheduling?

Training courses are now available for sign up on the 25Live website to learn the new simplified version of 25Live Scheduling.

View an Overview of 25Live Scheduling.

View and Overview of 25Live Pro.

Event Scheduling in 25Live (October 8, 2019)

The winter/spring scheduling term from January 1, 2020 to May 31, 2020 will open in 25Live on Monday, October 14 at 9 a.m.

As the construction on the new student center continues, we would like to remind everyone that we are currently operating with less event space on campus. To help us better manage the remaining space, we ask for everyone’s cooperation in following the appropriate priority scheduling and timelines when planning an event.

The priority scheduling, as listed in the Facility Use Policy, will continue to be followed. Most spaces give academic instruction first priority followed by “Approved University Events”.  An “Approved University Event”, as defined by the Facility Use Policy, is an event that is typically a non-routine, higher risk, more formal gathering and involves members from outside the University community.  If you have an event request that is a candidate to be an Approved University Event, please complete the Approved Event Request form.

For events requiring campus services (listed below), please submit all 25Live reservations, work orders and requests for services to the appropriate University unit no less than 3 weeks in advance of the date of your event.

Services that are requested through your 25Live reservation:

  • After hours HVAC schedule requests (Monday-Friday)
  • Weekend HVAC schedule requests
  • Building unlock/lock requests after business hours
  • Parking Moratoriums
  • Internal Publication requests (University Events Calendar, Warrior Weekly, StanEvents & Announcements)
  • Alcoholic Beverage Service (must be submitted 60 days in advance)

Services that require a Facilities Services Work Order:

  • Custodial
  • Room setup, teardown and reset
  • Table and chair deliveries/requests
  • Adjustments to the sprinkler schedule for outdoor events

Food service requests:

All food and alcohol (wine and beer) to be distributed, sold, or given to individuals on campus and at Stanislaus State events off campus, must be arranged through Chartwells, which, by contract, has the exclusive right to provide food service including concessions and catering service for the University.  Contact Tracy Ross at (209) 667-3636 or email to arrange catering from Chartwells.

Temporary Food Permit applications for student organizations or for catering exemptions based on third party donations of food must be submitted 10 calendar days in advance of the event.

In addition, if you are requesting to have alcohol at your event, you must submit your request through 25Live no less than 60 days in advance of the date of your event.

Please refer to the Campus Food Policy for more information.


Summer 2019 Announcements

Event Type Selection in 25Live (July 15, 2019)

The event types available within the 25Live system have been updated.  Please find the "25Live Event Types" sheet that lists the typical event types available to campus and their definitions and examples.  If you are unsure of what category your event type would fall under, please contact our office at 667-3525 or

Fall Term Scheduling in 25Live (July 12, 2019)

The Fall scheduling term from August 22, 2019 to December 31, 2019 will open in 25Live on Monday, July 15th.

Please note that due to the severe lack of meeting space, event requests will be reviewed but may not always be approved for the date, time, or location requested.  The priority scheduling, as listed in the Facility Use Policy signed in 2015, will continue to be followed.  Most spaces give Academic instruction first priority and then Approved University Events second priority.  An Approved University Event, as defined by the Facility Use Policy, is an event that is typically a non-routine, higher risk, more formal gathering and involves members from outside the university community.  Please refer to the Facility Use Policy for additional information regarding priority scheduling.  

If you have a future event request that would be a candidate for an Approved University Event, please send your event details to for review.  These events require approval from the VP of Business and Finance, so please include as much detail as you can in your event request, such as date, time, location, description, number of attendees, layout, etc.

Spring 2019 Announcements

Building Code Name Changes (May 22, 2019)

In preparation for the fall 2019 semester, many of the building codes in 25Live have been updated for clarity. This process began with converting Bizzini Hall from “C” to “B” and Demergasso-Bava Hall from “P” to “DBH”. The duplicate locations in these buildings have been removed, and only the updated codes will be used moving forward.

In addition to Bizzini Hall and Demergasso-Bava Hall, the following buildings also received updated or added building codes:


  • Snider Recital Hall is now “SRH” (was “MR”)
  • Residential Life Village/Student Housing is now “RLV” (was “V”)
  • Student Fitness Center is now “SFC” (this applies to locations inside the Student Fitness Center that were previously grouped with SRC)


  • Library Annex is coded “LX”
  • Student Services Annex is coded “SSX”

We also anticipate building code updates to the Fitzpatrick Arena (from “G” to “FA”) and Fieldhouse Annex (from “T” to “FX”) in the near future.

Summer Term Scheduling in 25Live (March 19, 2019)

Summer term events from June 1 to Aug. 21, 2019, will be available to reserve in 25Live on Monday, March 25. Fall and winter term events are expected to become available at the end of June. A separate announcement will be sent once the official date is determined. If you have a large campus event scheduled to happen during this time, please contact with potential dates and locations.

A few reminders to ensure proper utilization of the available spaces:

  • Reserve only the locations you know will be used for your event; please refrain from “holding” space
  • Cancel your reservation by reaching out to the scheduler if you find the space will no longer be needed
  • Input your reservation at least two weeks in advance for events requiring services such as custodial services, room setup, catering, alcohol, etc.
  • Academic courses take first priority in classrooms and are scheduled through Enrollment Services

25Live is the premier scheduling program on campus to reserve locations for classes, events and meetings and to relay important event information to campus service providers.

25Live user trainings are now available. Register online.

For questions regarding 25Live, please call (209) 667-3525 or email