Express Scheduling

What is Express Scheduling?

Express Scheduling is a simplified form for students to complete a reservation for a private presentation room to present in an online course while on campus.


Which locations are available for Express Scheduling?

Reservations are available for students who need to use a private room for themselves to present in an online class. This is the list of our current offerings, but please check availability in 25Live.

  • Rooms with VIA: B 122, DBH 164, MSR 200, MSR 260
  • Rooms without VIA: DBH 113, DBH 114, MSR 130B, MSR 130C, N 221


When are the locations available?

Reservations are available for the duration of the semester. Only 90 minutes can be reserved at a time. Back-to-back reservations are not permitted and will be cancelled.


How do I complete an Express Scheduling reservation?

1. Visit the Study Space Availability Widget

  • View vacant space and spaces held for open study that students are able to utilize

2. Click on links to reserve a private presentation room with Express Scheduling

3. Login using your Warrior Credentials

4. View the Availability Calendar within 25Live

  • Shows all the locations available to reserve in a weekly view

5. Click on a date/time to reserve on the calendar

6. Complete the Express Scheduling form

  • Requestor inputs their name as the “Event Name” and clicks save
  • Request is automatically confirmed and no further action is needed from the student


How do I cancel an Express Scheduling reservation?

If a student needs to cancel a reservation, they will need to log back into 25Live, find their request, and change the status to “cancelled” or email


Why was my Express Scheduling reservation be cancelled?

If it is found that a student is overbooking space or booking outside of the reservation window, reservations may be cancelled and the ability to create requests may be reassessed.

When a reservation is cancelled, the student will receive notice of cancellation via the Warrior email that was used to create the request.


Who do I contact with questions about Express Scheduling?

The 25Live Reservation office is available to answer questions and assist with 25Live technical issues by calling 209-667-3525 or emailing