Design Assets

Using this design and messaging system will make you an effective communicator for Stan State. Here we’ve provided downloadable assets to help you make the most of your communications and stay on brand.

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Please refer to the branding guidelines to ensure the proper use of these logos. Whenever possible, all materials and communications should be created using a primary, full-color logo. In situations where the primary logo will not fit because of size constraints, a secondary logo may be used. Secondary logo usage should follow the same guidelines as the primary logo.

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If you have any questions about the use of the logo, please feel free to contact the Office of Communications and Public Affairs at (209) 664-6780 or

Primary Logos

Secondary Logos

Adobe Color Palette

Visit the Color Palette page for more information.

Primary Color Palette

primary color palette
Palette primary.svg

Secondary Color Palette

secondary color palette
Palette secondary.svg

PowerPoint Templates

PPT Slide Example PPT Slide Example PPT Slide Example

PowerPoint Template.pptx


Visit the Typography page for more information on what fonts to use and how to use them.