Primary University Logos

The logo should be used in its entirety and only as it is represented here. Hand-drawn or other recreations are not permissible. Download the correct version for proper use.

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Secondary University Logos

All materials and communications should be created using a Primary logo (shown above) whenever possible. A Secondary logo may be used when the Primary logo will not fit because of size constraints. Secondary logo usage should follow the same guidelines as the Primary logo. Download the correct version for proper use.

Visit the Design Assets page for downloads

Informal Horizontal


Informal Vertical




Logo Use Guidelines

The following guidelines govern the use of logos and marks within the University logo system in all print and digital communications forms.

For Print

Formal Logo: The letters CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY cannot be less 7 points.

Informal Logo: The word STANISLAUS cannot be less than 1 inch wide.

Nickname Logo: The entire logo cannot be less than 1.5 inches wide.

Shield Logo: The entire logo cannot be less than 0.25 inches wide.

For Web and Video

Formal & Informal Logos: The word STANISLAUS cannot be less than 150 pixels.

Nickname Logo: The entire logo cannot be less than 175 pixels wide.

Nickname Logo: The entire logo cannot be less than 75 pixels wide.

There are no maximum size limits; however, the logo must have all design elements intact and in proportion.

Please contact the University’s Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing (MarCom) if you have any exceptions to these size restrictions. If you would like to use a treatment of the shield or the “S” as a stand-alone element in any design, please contact MarCom for guidance at

The following are examples of the full-color, reversed, and one-color logos applied to various backgrounds. In all applications, the contrast between the logo and the background must allow for the readability of the logo. In these examples, the formal logo is used, but keep in mind that the same rules apply for the informal, nickname, and secondary logos.


PMS 419C — 100%


PMS 419C — 25% maximum tint 

PMS 201C — 100%

Simple, dark photo background

Busy, dark photo background

Note: Only place the logo on top of dark photo backgrounds — light photo backgrounds do not provide enough consistent legibility.

The University logo must not be redrawn or modified in any way. Decorating, representing in perspective, outlining or using for frivolous decorative purposes is not permissible. Please contact the University’s Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing if you need assistance. Incorrect Uses:

Do not use the two-tone shield

Do not separate text from shield


Do not change the configuration of the shield and type

Do not replace shield with any other mark

Do not skew or slant the logo

Do not outline

Do not stretch

Do not squeeze or condense

Do not use other colors

Do not mix up colors

Do not apply effects

Do not watermark logo with text

Do not change the font

Do not rotate or tilt

The logo always must have a clear space around it to maintain legibility and visual impact. No other graphic elements, such as typography, rules and pictures should infringe upon this space. The height of the lower case “s” in the word “Stanislaus” is used to determine the amount of clear space required around the logo.

Over the years, a number of logos have been retired from the University logo system. Retired logos should not be used in any University communications. The logotypes, signatures and marks of the current system replace all other Stan State logos and marks. If you are unsure if a logo you want to use is retired, contact

Secondary Identifiers

These are representative samples of how the Colleges, Divisions, Programs, Departments and Auxiliaries will be incorporated into the formal and informal logo. This will allow our University to portray a unified look and brand.

Please contact the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing at to request your secondary marks be created. All requests will be addressed in a timely manner. Please include the following in your request: name of the department (as it should display) and your contact information.

Style Options

Style 1


Style 2


Other University Marks

The California State University, Stanislaus seal represents the academic character of the University and is reserved to be used only in support of official University policies, decisions, ceremonies and other formal actions as an academic institution. To maintain its integrity and effectiveness, the seal may not be used for relatively informal, routine or promotional materials or for materials not directly related to academic purposes, without permission from the University’s Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing.

full color, official University seal


one color, official University seal

The Department of Athletics maintains its own marks and graphic standards for athletics-related publications and apparel. Please reference these guidelines on the Athletics website.

Warriors S

Warrior S.






The Warrior Head is a unique graphic element that can be used by departments, student clubs and organizations as a symbol of Warrior Pride. The use of the Warrior Head should be done with thought toward respecting the integrity of the graphic design.

Red: Pantone 1797C
Yellow: Pantone 7406C
Black: 100% black

Alternatives: Use one color version in white, red or gold on a black background. A white outline around a full-color graphic on a black background is not permissible.

The Warrior Head mark can be modified for use as a graphic element. To maintain the integrity of the design, the mark or related graphics should not be flipped or distorted. Use of the Warrior Head graphic is subject to approval by the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing.

Warrior Head in full color.
Warrior Head black.
Warrior Head red.
Warrior Head yellow.
Warrior head, white on black background.
Warrior head, red on black background.
Warrior head, yellow on black background.

Updated: May 10, 2024