Our color palette is a key part of our visual identity. Our primary and secondary colors immediately communicate who we are.

Primary Colors

Beyond our logo, color is the most recognizable aspect of our visual brand identity. Using our primary palette appropriately is one of the easiest ways to make sure our materials reflect a cohesive Stan State brand.

Note: We adapt our colors in certain cases to be ADA compliant. The adoption of a revised primary color palette to accommodate web-accessible colors for maximum contrast (AA or AAA rating with WCAG)

PMS 200 C
CMYK: 16/100/87/7
RGB: 193/2/48
WEB: #C10230 (Passes WCAG AA on white background)

Brand red.

PMS 7406 C
CMYK: 0/17/100/0
RGB: 243/195/23
WEB: #F3C317 (Passes WCAG AAA on black background)

Gold color.

PMS 419 C
CMYK: 73/65/65/72
RGB: 33/35/34
WEB: #212322 (Passes WCAG AAA on white background)

PMS 419.

Our brand red was selected to provide a rich alternative to that found in our university logo and to provide greater contrast and legibility in digital applications.

Shades or Accessible Versions

PMS 200 C at 40% Shade
CMYK: 16/100/86/44
RGB: 131/10/26
WEB: #830A1A (Passes WCAG AAA on white background)

Brand red at 40% shade.

PMS 200 C at 20% Shade
CMYK: 16/100/86/25
RGB: 164/23/40
WEB: #A41728 (Passes WCAG AAA on white background)

Brand red at 20% shade.

PMS 7406 C for Web
CMYK: n/a
RGB: 177/145/16
WEB: #B19110 (Passes WCAG AA on black background)

Gold color for web.

Retired Red

MS 1797 is our retired brand standard red and should only be used with approval from the Office of Communications and Public Affairs.

PMS 1797 C
CMYK: 13/94/83/3
RGB: 208/52/58

Secondary Colors

Our secondary palette serves to accent our primary colors and should be used sparingly.


 ​​PMS Cool Gray 1
CMYK: 73/65/65/72
RGB: 33/35/34
WEB: #E2E1E0

Grey shade at 20%.

PMS 419 C at 75% Tint
CMYK: 73/65/65/72
RGB: 33/35/34
WEB: #515352



PMS 3015 C
CMYK: 100/58/21/4
RGB: 0/96/156
WEB: #00609C


Blue shade at 20%.

PMS 3015 C at 20% Shade
CMYK: 100/59/21/23
RGB: 0/83/126
WEB: #00537E



PMS 7730 C
CMYK: 74/21/77/5
RGB: 74/148/98
WEB: #4A9462


Green shade at 20%.

PMS 7730 C at 20% Shade
CMYK: 74/21/77/24
RGB: 59/125/82
WEB: #3B7D52



PMS 466 C
CMYK: 22/31/59/0
RGB: 200/169/119
WEB: #C8A977


Tan shade at 20%.

PMS 466 C at 20% Shade
CMYK: 22/31/59/20
RGB: 168/143/101
WEB: #A88F65


Updated: September 07, 2021