Campaign Narrative

The role of the campaign narrative is to lay the foundation for writing in a distinct voice, as well as to inspire the messages we communicate going forward. No matter who or what we’re writing about, our voice should stay true to the spirit of our brand and our core brand messaging. Our campaign narrative:

In the heart of Central Valley lies a welcoming community

The home of the Stan State Warriors.

Warriors take a stand for academic excellence for all
Warriors stand strong for their community
Warriors rise up to meet each and every challenge head on

What do you stand for?
How do you stand strong?
When will you STAN UP?

Here at Stan State, all are welcomed.
This is where students support each other.
Where respected instructors guide students, challenge them,
and help them prepare for the future.

Where we ALL stand up

Prepare to take your stand as one who has a voice; who has a vision;
and is ready to rise to any challenge.

STAN UP and be heard at Stan State.

Use of ‘Stan Up’ in Communications

At Stan State We Stan Up poster.

‘Stan Up’ should not be viewed as an all-encompassing tagline for the brand. Rather, ‘Stan Up’ is just one of many ways to verbally express Stan State’s strength, conviction, inclusion and Warrior spirit. In order to maintain its integrity and effectiveness, it should be used sparingly; and in context wherever possible (e.g., ‘How will you Stan Up?’, We Stan Up for...’, etc.)

Note: Our previous Stan State motto—Engaging. Empowering. Transforming—has been superseded by the new brand work and should no longer be used in university communications.


The flexibility and visual complexity of our brand will help to open up worlds of creative and strategic opportunities for our marketers, communicators, and designers. Here we’ve provided samples of ways to bring the brand to life.

Print Ad

Example print ads.


Environmental examples.

Various Applications

Examples of various other brand applications.

Social Media

Social media examples.



Updated: March 05, 2024