Submit Student Papers Directly to Turnitin

Sometimes it's necessary to upload a student document to Turnitin without having a Canvas assignment in place. Or, even if a Canvas assignment is in place, it's necessary to upload a submission apart from that. In these cases, instructors can submit student papers directly to the Turnitin website using the Quick Submit tool.

  1. Go to the Turnitin website and click "Login" at the top.
  2. Request a Turnitin password using the Forgot Password links and supply your Stan State email address. Then, log in.
    • If you receive an error about not having an account in the Turnitin system, please contact and one will be created for you. You can then proceed with the rest of these instructions.
  3. Enable the Quick Submit feature for your Turnitin account (instructions)
  4. Submit a paper via Quick Submit (instructions)

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Updated: October 18, 2023