Teacher Preparation

Roadmap to Becoming a Teacher

High School Pathway Chart
Community College Pathway Chart
Outlines basic requirements for high school and community college students to enter the Stan State teacher credentialing programs.

Credential Program Prerequisite Advising 

For credential program prerequisite and application information sessions

We encourage and support students from underrepresented categories to apply to our programs. 

Credential Services

Undergraduate Advising for Math and Science Teacher Preparation

Department/ Major Advisor Office Location Phone Email
Anthropology Dr. Miller-Anotino C-215c (209)667-3604 smillerantonio@csustan.edu
Art (SMPP)** Dr. Robin A-037 (209)667-3432 rrobin@csustan.edu
Biological Science  Dr. Fleming N-261



Chemistry  Dr. Nhu-Y- Stessman  N-363



Child Development All Instructors C-231 (209)667-3386  
English (SMPP)** Dr. Foreman DBH-269 (209)664-6509 wforeman@csustan.edu
Gender Studies Dr. Eudey C-107 (209)664-6673 beudey@csustan.edu
Geology Dr.Ferriz N-158



History Dr. Weikart C-118E (209)667-3522 rweikart@csustan.edu
Kinesiology(SMPP)** Dr. Hall F-142 (209)667-3325 ehall@csustan.edu
Liberal Studies
Undergraduate Prep Program for Elementary (Multiple Subject) Candidates
All Ins DBH 300 (209)667-3749 Directory
Mathematics (SMPP)** Dr. Johannsdottir S-11



Music Dr. Kavasch M-3A (209)667-3422 dkavash@csustan.edu
Philosophy Dr. Winfree L-185K (209)664-6669 jwinfree@csustan.edu
Physics & Physical Sciences Department N-164



Psychology All Instructors C-231 (209)667-3386  
Social Science (SMPP)** Dr. Chau-Pu Chiang C-102A (209)667-3665 cchiang@csustan.edu
Spanish (SMPP)** Dr. Bargetto-Andres DBH-243 (209)667-3789 tbandres@csustan.edu
Theater Dr. Mayer D-15A (209)667-3452 jmayer@csustan.edu

Teacher Education
Math and Science Teacher Initative