Welcome to the Stan State Chemistry Department


  • We are a welcoming community of faculty, staff and students who value understanding the fundamentals of chemistry with a learn-by-doing approach
  • All of our major courses are offered in-person with hands-on laboratory co-requisites designed to provide our students with direct hands-on laboratory experiences throughout their degree path. 
  • Small class sizes enable personalized attention in lectures and labs.
  • Many of our majors take part in research projects with faculty in our department. 
  • We are located on the third floor of Naraghi Hall of Science, with well-appointed laboratory spaces where students and faculty work together.
  • Our graduates embark on a variety of career paths, some of which include...
    • Obtaining a health professional degree (medical school, pharmacy school, veterinary school etc.)
    • Obtaining a graduate degree studying a specific subfield of chemistry (PhD, Master's degree)
    • Working as a professional chemist in a commercial or government lab. (Gallo Winery, Delicato Winery, Hilmar Cheese, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, etc.)
    • Obtaining a teaching credential and serving as a high school science teacher.


The Chemistry Department offers several degree programs.

B.S. Chemistry with an option of a concentration in Biochemistry

  • Approved by the American Chemical Society (ACS)
  • Designed to provide in-depth training in chemistry for future professional chemists in industry,  government, or for those who plan to attend graduate school.
  • Biochemistry concentration is recommended for students with career interests in the biotech, pharmaceutical and/or medical fields.

B.A. Chemistry with an option of a concentration in Biochemistry

  • Designed for students seeking to enter professions requiring a  training in chemistry combined with training in other areas.
  • Biochemistry concentration is strongly recommended for  students with career interests in health professions such as medicine, optometry, dentistry, medical technology, pharmacy, physical therapy, and veterinary medicine.


Approved Chemistry Program by the ACS Chemistry for Life. American Chemical Society.

Updated: March 04, 2024