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FALL 2020

August 28: STEM-RISE & McNair Scholars Program


September 4: Dr. Harshita Kumari, University of Cincinnati


September 11: Dr. Ashish Punia, Merck & Co.


September 18: Dr. Sarah Bolmer, Zymergen, Inc.


October 2: Dr. Morgan Hawker, Fresno State University


October 9: Dr. Ningkun Wang, San Jose State University


October 16: Dr. Jonathan J Wilker, Purdue University


October 23


November 6: Forrest Kohl, Ohio State University


November 13: Dr. Richard Hartel, University of Wisconsin-Madison



Outstanding Chapter Award Received by the ACS

The Warriors Chemistry Club, an ACS student affiliate chapter, received an Outstanding Chapter Award for their work done during the 2018-2019 academic year. Congratulations!

The Department of Chemistry offers programs of study for students seeking a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Students may also elect to complete a concentration in Environmental Sciences or a Teaching Credential as part of their degree program. Students should consult with their department adviser to determine which degree and program are best suited to their career objectives.

The Chemistry Department is well equipped with modern instrumentation and facilities. Check out our inventory.


Chemistry Graduates

Class of 2020

Congratulations to the Stan State Chemistry Class of 2020:

Bachelor of Science:

• Niveen Dankha •

Bachellor of Art:

• Nicolai Gois • Devan Gomez • Gabriela Juarez • Adriana Lupian • Kristin Mar-Elia • Miranda Marshall • Gerardo Soria-Pimentel • Ramiro Uribe • Meghan Williams • Cecilia Zepeda • Cristina Flores • Vansphreet Singh • 

Collage of chemistry graduates, class of 2020