Pre-Health Students

Chemistry majors planning to attend a health professional school (medical, pharmacy, dental, veterinary school etc.) are advised to pursue the Biochemistry concentration, which is detailed below.

The department also advises these students to also attend the Chemistry Careers Seminar and join the Pre-Health Society.  

Biochemistry Concentration

(8 units)

This concentration offers chemistry majors an additional focus on the subfield of biochemistry.  Chemistry majors that are pre-med, pre-pharmacy, or planning on graduate studies in biochemistry or molecular biology are recommended to pursue this concentration.

1. Complete the following required upper-division courses:

(5 units)

  • CHEM 4420 - Biochemistry II 3 unit(s)
  • CHEM 4422 - Advanced Biochemistry Laboratory 2 unit(s)

2. Complete one of the following upper-division elective courses:

(3 units)

  • BIOL 3310 - Cellular and Molecular Biology 3 unit(s)
  • BIOL 3350 - Introductory Genetics 3 unit(s)
  • MBIO 3010 - General Microbiology 3 unit(s)
  • Note:  These courses require BIOL 1050 and BIOL 1150 as prerequisites, which are listed as prerequisites to the chemistry degree when pursuing the biochemistry concentration.

Updated: March 06, 2024