Degrees and Programs

  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences, with specializations in three of the following disciplines of study: Anthropology, communication studies, criminal justice, economics, ethnic studies, gender studies, geography, history, political science, psychology and sociology
  • A Single Subject Matter Preparation in Social Sciences is available for aspiring teachers
  • Those majoring in Social Sciences can complete their concentration in:
    - International Studies
    - Urban and Community Studies

Discover what you can learn and where a social sciences major can take you.

The social sciences program consists of courses in anthropology, communication studies, criminal justice, economics, ethnic studies, gender studies, geography, history, international studies, political science, psychology, sociology, and urban and community studies. The program offers courses dealing with human interaction and acquaints students with contemporary social problems. The social sciences program also offers a single subject matter preparation program for aspiring teachers.


  • Working with people
  • Analyzing how people think and behave
  • Comparing historical and contemporary issues
  • Helping others
  • Problem-solving
  • Analyzing social issues
  • Learning diversity
  • Building teamwork


  • Understand the complexity of human interaction
  • Recognize developments and trends in the social sciences
  • Develop critical thinking and expository writing skills


  • Teachers
  • Researchers
  • Social services managers
  • Positions in marketing, criminal justice or human resources
  • Graduate studies in public administration, social work, social sciences or education

"I love interacting with people. Communications, psychology and sociology prepare me for different pathways in the future."

Stephanie Jimenez
Social Sciences Alumnus

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Social Sciences Career Opportunities

  • Social studies teachers in grades 7-12
  • Teaching or research at universities such as Stanislaus State or UC Merced
  • Economists or financial advisors with firms such as Morgan Stanley or Charles Schwab
  • Social workers or correctional specialists at institutions such as Merced County Jail or youth correctional facilities
  • Behavioral analysts at facilities such as Wycoff Family Care Home or St. Joseph’s Behavioral Center
  • Labor standards investigators for government agencies such as the State of California

Updated: August 04, 2023