Department of Biological Sciences

Mission Statement

studentsWe, the Department of Biological Sciences, are a diverse academic community of teacher-scholars and student-scientists engaged in exploring the wonder and diversity of life at all levels of biological organization, including cells, organisms, and ecological systems. The faculty utilize evidence-based teaching strategies to provide students at CSU Stanislaus with a broad exposure to the concepts, processes, and approaches of the biological sciences. We offer students comprehensive academic advising, career mentoring, and research opportunities. Biology majors develop the skills to formulate and evaluate hypotheses, critically interpret data, and communicate with others. Faculty and staff are committed to fostering and empowering the development of life-long learners of science, including scientists, health professionals, educators, civic leaders, and citizens in a society that requires high levels of biological literacy. Together, the Department works to expand our collective understanding of biology and to promote a greater appreciation of the importance of biodiversity and biological processes in our society.

About the Department

Naraghi BuildingThe Department of Biological Sciences offers programs of study in the life sciences for students seeking the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences, a Master of Science in Marine Sciences, a Master of Science in Ecology and Sustainability, or Master of Science in Genetic Counseling.

Students may also elect to complete a concentration in General Biology, Biology Education, Ecology, Organismal Biology or Molecular and Microbial Biology as part of either the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science. Students interested in marine biology and oceanography may elect course work at the Moss Landing Marine Laboratories for partial fulfillment of their in-residence major and degree requirements.

Mandatory Advising for Biology Majors (Spring 2015)

Academic advising for all biology majors will begin April 1, 2015 with priority registration starting April 30th, 2015. You will NOT be able to register for Summer/Fall 2015 classes without meeting with your adviser.

Please note that several faculty will be on sabbatical leave this Spring, you will temporarily be assigned to another faculty member for advising.

Follow Steps for Advising