Applications & Checklists

Beginning the Spring 2022 application period, all program applications will be online through Cal State Apply. The fourth quadrant of the online application is where you will upload your required program application materials.

The only applicants who will still use a paper application are Stan State ITCO students and early start Libs students. "Early start" refers to Libs students who will begin the credential program in their final undergraduate semester. ITCO and early start Libs students may email their applications and all forms to credentials@csustan.eduplease do not include SSN on emailed forms!

Please follow the application guide and online application checklist below:

PLEASE NOTE: Single Subject applicants who want to student teach in their FIRST semester must apply for student teaching through Field Services. Please visit their website for contact information and deadlines.

Important forms for completing the Multiple, Single, and Education Specialist Teaching Credential Application Process.

1. Statement of Intent - Information on how to write your statement of intent. Maximum of two pages long. NOT REQUIRED FOR STAN STATE LIBERAL STUDIES MAJORS APPLYING TO MSCP/ESCP.

2. TWO Recommendations 

  • For regular MSCP, ESCP, or SSCP applicants, your references MUST complete an online form through Cal State Apply. Please see the Cal State Apply Walkthrough for more information. 
  • For ITCO/Early Start Libs applicants, your references may write a traditional letter or fill out Form II (included within the ITCO/Early Start application packet). OR, your required Libs reference may fill out the online Libs Recommendation Google Form. Please see the Application Instructions for ITCO and Early Start Libs for more information. 

3.Basic Skills Requirement
From the options below, please include ONE item for Basic Skills in your application:

4. Subject Matter Competency
From the options below, please include ONE item for Subject Matter Competency in your application:

  • SMC Using Academic Major Form - This form may be used by students who are applying to the Multiple, Single, or Education Specialist programs whose academic major is the same as the content area for their credential. OR
  • Subject Matter Preparation Verification* (SSCP or ESCP ONLY) - This form is used to verify completion of one of Stan State's Subject Matter Preparation programs. Please have the advisor in the subject area complete and sign the form before including it in your application. OR
  • A letter verifying Subject Matter Competency from another university - Must be signed by a CTC-approved signor. OR
  • CSET Score Report

5. Certificate of Clearance - Valid clearance from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing is required for ALL applicants.

  • Certificate of Clearance Instructions Form 41-LSa* - This form will give you instructions on how to apply for the Certificate of Clearance. 
  • Request for Livescan Services Form 41-LS.pdf* - This form is used for fingerprints. You will need to first get your fingerprints done to get your Certificate of Clearance, as explained in the instructions.
    • *If you already possess a valid sub permit, teaching credential, or other document from CCTC, you do NOT have to get a new Certificate of Clearance. We will accept existing documentation. 

6. Verification of Early Field Experience Hours - This form can be used for verification of early field experience hours. You can also submit a letter from the school on school letterhead indicating the number of hours completed. NOT REQUIRED FOR STAN STATE LIBERAL STUDIES MAJORS APPLYING TO MSCP/ESCP.

7. Prerequisites/Co-Requisites - This form is used for students applying to the Multiple, Single, and Education Specialist Credential Program.

8. Current TB Test or TB Risk Assessment Questionnaire - You will get this through your doctor's office. 

Updated: February 12, 2024