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Spring 2022

January 28 - May 17
Last day to waitlist for a class: January 27
Last day to add a class (Permission Number required): February 24
Last day to drop a class: February 24
Census Date: February 24
Finals: May 19-25

Fall 2022

August 22 – December 9
Last day to waitlist for a class: August 22
Last day to add a class: September 19
Last day to drop a class: September 19
Census Date: September 19
Last Day to Withdraw: November 29
Last Day to Request CR/NC: December 11
Reading Day: n/a
Finals: December 12-16

campus grounds

Understand how priority registration works and when to use a permission number versus a Registration Options Form.

Registration Process
campus grounds
Course Modalities

Learn the different mode types, how you will attend a class in this mode and how to find this information in the class schedule.

Instructional Modes Explained
campus grouds

Your tools (Planner, Degree Progress and Scheduler) to help guide your path to graduation – all within your student center.

My Academic Pathway

Updated: March 29, 2022