Teacher Education

A Message from the Department

Dr. Elmano Costa, Department Chair
Department of Teacher Education 
DBH 333 - 209/667-3357 

Educating teachers is only half of our job.

The other half is perhaps even more important — training teachers. Because knowledge alone won’t prepare tomorrow’s teachers to handle the challenges of today.

The Department of Teacher Education at CSU Stanislaus is serious about its mission to prepare the state’s educators. Maybe that’s why, semester after semester, the department’s programs are of the highest demand among the University’s graduate students.

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Credential Program Information

See Credential Services website for Pre-advising information and application to our Multiple Subjects, Single Subject, and Education Specialist (Special Ed) Credential Programs at link below

Credential Services

There are two separate applications to enter the Credential Program.

1) Application to the University Graduate School, $55 fee. Apply online at www.csumentor.edu

2) Application to the Credential Program, $30 fee.  For application information go to the Credential Services web page.

IMPORTANT - CPR Requirement for Teacher Credentialing Programs – Effective Immediately

See letter and flyer: Requirement for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Certification (CPR)