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Educating teachers is only half of our job.

The other half is perhaps even more important — training teachers. Because knowledge alone won’t prepare tomorrow’s teachers to handle the challenges of today.

The Department of Teacher Education at CSU Stanislaus is serious about its mission to prepare the state’s educators. Maybe that’s why, semester after semester, the department’s programs are of the highest demand among the University’s graduate students.

Our programs are state- and nationally accredited, our teachers are passionate about education, and our students know what they want — to obtain a credential or degree, start influencing pupils, and earn a living in a rewarding career.

Maybe you want to teach because one of your elementary teachers saw promise in you, or because a high school teacher challenged you. Or just maybe you want to teach because you love helping children and teens succeed. Whatever your aspirations within the educational realm, CSU Stanislaus and Teacher Ed will help
you get there.

To learn much more about the Department of Teacher Education’s program offerings, view any of the appropriate tabs listed on the left column. We look forward to helping you on your educational journey.