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You have reached a very exciting part of the program! The clinical practice experience is your opportunity to apply all that was learned in coursework and utilize current teaching-learning research. Our goal is to help you create well-functioning classroom environments where students interact and learn the state-adopted academic standards. 

To facilitate a successful fieldwork experience, the Office of Field Services provides support to all Cooperating Teachers (CT), University Supervisors (US), and Student Teachers/Teacher Candidates (ST/TC) engaged in our credential programs.

We are excited to assist and guide you through this journey. Please use the information and links below to learn more about our programs and fieldwork guidelines.


Important Announcement

The current Executive Order N-66-20, signed by Governor Newsom, was approved for academic years 19-20 and 20-21 only. Therefore, all programs will adhere to normal program fieldwork requirements for Fall 2021. The listed requirements below are currently set in place, if there are any changes or an extension to the EO we will follow up with you via your CSU Stan email. Please work on obtaining and submitting all necessary documentation to as soon as possible.

Fall 2021 Student Teaching

  • ​​Application Period Closed

Student Teaching Dates

  • Fall 2021

    • MSCP: August 16, 2021 - December 17, 2021 (All Day Long)
    • ESCP: August 16, 2021 - December 17, 2021 (All Day Long)
    • SSCP: Mid to Late August (Depends on your individual orientation)
  • Spring 2021

    • MSCP: January 19, 2021 -  May 28, 2021 (All Day Long)
    • ESCP: January 19, 2021 -  May 28, 2021 (All Day Long)
    • SSCP: Mid to Late January (Depends on your individual orientation)


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