Students in the Department of Modern Languages may obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish; additionally, students have the opportunity for a Portuguese minor and introductory studies in Italian and German. A Liberal Studies concentration in Spanish is also available.

Majors and/or minors in Modern Languages are designed to assist students as they plan for their careers. Some students anticipate a teaching career at the elementary or secondary level, while others are training to meet the challenges of advanced studies in language and literature. A growing number will discover that foreign language ability and sensitivity to other cultures are important assets, especially in career choices such as social sciences, the foreign service, international finance and banking, and international business. Our goals are to assist students in perfecting their foreign language skills (all courses are taught in the target language); to deepen their knowledge of the language and the humanities by introducing them to representative authors and ideas, and to acquaint them with the culture and traditions of the people whose languages they have chosen to study.

Today as students gain knowledge and understanding of other languages and cultures, they inevitably develop a greater appreciation of their own. In the process, they find themselves better equipped to succeed in our modern society where multilingual and multinational interests are becoming swiftly and inexorably part of our daily lives.

Program Learning Outcomes

Looking for Liberal Studies Concentration in Spanish?

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Updated: April 11, 2024