Gender Studies

Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary field that examines how ideologies regarding biological sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression have influenced and been influenced by institutions, political and cultural practices, scientific and technological advancements, artistic expressions, belief systems, and work and social environments. 

woman studying in libraryWhere can our Gender Studies program take you?

Possible career paths include education and research, government policy and politics, the media, advertising, marketing, journalism, human resources, health care, non-profit administration, social work, criminology, law, and correctional services. 

Degrees and Programs

  • Bachelor of Arts, Gender Studies, with concentrations in History, Society and Inequality; Culture, Ideology and Representation; and Ethnicity, Nationality, and Sexuality
  • Those majoring in Social Sciences can complete their concentration in Gender Studies
  • Minor in Gender Studies

Interesting classes
you might take

  • Society and Gender
  • Contemporary Gender Studies Research
  • Gender and Sexuality in the Middle East
  • Gender and Sexuality in Literature
  • Gender in United States History Asian American Families
  • LGBT Issues in Education
  • Sociology of Men in Society
  • Gender Communication
  • Transgender Identities & Issues 

What you can do

Students develop critical thinking skills and obtain experience with oral and written communication, and are therefore prepared to play active roles in shaping their gendered environments. 

What you can learn

  • To identify major historical and contemporary, social, economic, political and psychological issues facing the sexes
  • To analyze strategies for transforming coercive and unequal gender systems and for enhancing individual choice and our common humanity
  • To connect scholarly inquiry to practical applications 

What you can earn

  • Social Service Specialist, $32,000
  • Clinical Social Worker, $67,000
  • Non-profit Director, $76,000
  • Women’s Services Director, $109,000

Source: 2014, CA