Math and Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI)

The Stanislaus State's Math and Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI) was created in 2005 when Chancellor Charles B. Reed established a goal for the CSU to double its math and science teacher production to address the state's impending shortage. The MSTI is a multi-faceted strategy aimed at expanding the preparation of outstanding math and science teachers.

A dearth of sufficiently qualified math and science teachers has resulted in large numbers of students in the state being taught by under prepared teachers. California's low-income and minority students have been those affected most with evidence that the state's lowest performing and highest poverty secondary schools are three to four times as likely as other schools to have under prepared math and/or science teachers.

This Web site offers resources to support high-quality teacher preparation and professional development that contribute to and enhance K-12 science and mathematics teaching and learning in the region.