Math and Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI)

We encourage and support students from underrepresented categories to apply to our program.


CSU Math and Science Teacher Initiative

The goal of the CSU Math and Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI) is to increase the number and quality of Math and Science teachers across the state.

Stanislaus State Math and Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI)

The objective of the Stan State Math and Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI) is to increase the total number of Mathematics and Science students enrolling in undergraduate or post-baccalaureate teacher preparation programs. MSTI advisors help guide future teachers through the credential program application process, provide financial aid information and credential examination preparation resources. Additionally, MSTI supports students in developing the skills necessary to succeed educationally and professionally.

This web site offers resources to support teacher preparation and professional development that contribute to and enhance K-12 Mathematics and Science teaching and learning in the region.