Department of History

How did we get where we are today? What caused past events? What differences did individuals make? If these and other questions intrigue you, history has the answers-or, more specifically, a choice of answers. Stanislaus State offers you the chance to study the varieties of history, explore your own favorite corners of the past, and effectively communicate what you've discovered.

A History degree can take you into teaching, law, business, journalism, politics, museum administration, TV and film documentary, civil service, the military, and many other fields. History graduates have also landed jobs in secondary schools and junior colleges across the state, as well as many historical organizations.

Become educated for the information age. Master techniques of research, writing, and speaking in order to find, evaluate, and interpret information. These skills foster both success in any career and a broader and deeper understanding of today’s world. Let the History program prepare you for the classroom, the courtroom, or the boardroom.

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Stanislaus State hosted the annual Northern California conference of the Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society on April 17–18, 2015. History student Lorie Webb was awarded first prize in the undergraduate division for her research paper, “Judy Chicago’s Feminist Art: A Path to Popular Feminism,” and Teri Kelly was awarded third prize in the undergraduate category for her research paper, “Clash of Clans: Passage of Chinese Conflicts to American Soil—the Tuolumne Chinese Tong War of 1856.” History M.A. graduate Eric Nystrom won third prize in the graduate division for his paper, “Wilderness and Desolation: Nature, Union Soldiers, and Grant’s 1964 Overland Campaign.”

Three History M.A. graduates were accepted to extremely competitive Ph.D. programs that began in Fall 2014. Alexandra Vicknair is attending Arizona State University; Joel Virgen is attending the University of California, Davis; and Samantha Williams is attending the University of California, Santa Cruz. The History Department is proud of their extraordinary accomplishments, and of the department’s fine record in placing our graduates in top-tier doctoral programs.