How did we get where we are today? What caused past events? What differences did individuals make? If these and other questions intrigue you, history has the answers—or, more specifically, a choice of answers. Stanislaus State offers you the chance to study the varieties of history, explore your own favorite corners of the past, and effectively communicate what you have discovered.

A History degree can take you into teaching, law, business, journalism, politics, museum administration, TV and film documentary, civil service, the military, and many other fields. History graduates have also landed jobs in secondary schools and junior colleges across the state, as well as many historical organizations.

Become educated for the information age. Master techniques of research, writing and speaking in order to find, evaluate, and interpret information. These skills foster both success in any career and a broader and deeper understanding of today’s world. Let the History program prepare you for the classroom, the courtroom, or the boardroom.


Dr. Jennifer Cullison

Welcome Dr. Jennifer Cullison

The Department of History is delighted to welcome a new tenure-track faculty member in Fall 2022, Dr. Jennifer Cullison.

Dr. Jennifer Cullison is a specialist in U.S. history and global issues of race, migration and citizenship. Her research focuses on U.S. immigration policy history and the human experience of, especially, undocumented immigrants and people detained by US immigration regimes (INS then ICE) in the postwar era. Key to her work has been the use of international archives, interviews, oral histories, and digital humanities. As the former head of a small university-civic partnership called the Realities of Undocumented Immigrants Oral History Project at the University of Nevada Reno and as a result of her dissertation research, Dr. Cullison is practiced at creating oral and public-facing history. This fall, Dr. Cullison will be teaching a Selected Topics course called Introduction to Public History as well as Mexican-American History. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Colorado Boulder.

Updated: July 12, 2023