A degree in history gives you a broad set of skills that you can use throughout your life. These skills foster success in virtually any career and give you a broader and deeper understanding of today’s complex, evolving world. Don’t just learn what happened. Learn why and how it happened. The history program can prepare you for the classroom, the courtroom, or the boardroom.

Whether you are simply intellectually curious, or deeply interested in world events, politics, cultural diversity, ancestry, the environment, or even travel, studying history is a great way to pursue those interests. You will master techniques of research, writing, and speaking in order to find, evaluate and interpret information. You will also develop critical thinking skills that shed light on how conflicts arise and societies emerge and evolve. In short, you’ll learn to unite your interests with the broader world and the rest of humanity.

Graduates from our BA program have gone on to MA and doctoral studies, and careers in the fields of law, documentary filmmaking, politics, civil service, business, journalism, and teaching. They have found positions in a wide variety of organizations, such as Colby College in Maine, UC Merced, Tyler Technologies, the Peace Corps, Congress, Turlock Unified School District, San Jose Mercury News, Stanislaus County Superior Court, Cisco, UNICEF, Stanislaus State, the California State Lottery Commission, Amazon, and Angels Camp City Museum.

Appendix of Documents

  1. Program Requirements
  2. Individual Study Request form (pdf)
  3. Application to Graduate (pdf)

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Updated: July 11, 2023