We have experts in several different areas, including modern diplomatic, medieval, American, European, Latin American, Asian, and African history. Members of our faculty actively participate in the historical profession, with such activities as:

  • Consultant for the American Experience
  • Finding and analyzing a lost letter of Charles Darwin
  • Publishing a book about the government's fight on land fraud
  • Introducing interactive television learning to the University
  • Developing research on comparative world women

and many, many other contributions. Admittance to our Masters Program guarantees you the personal attention of these authorities!

History Faculty Contact Information

Professor Name/Website E-mail Phone (209)
Dr. Bret Carroll E-mail 667-3564
Dr. Philip Garone E-mail 667-3319
Dr. Samuel Regalado E-mail 667-3692
Dr. Katherine Royer E-mail 667-3956
Dr. Marjorie Sanchez-Walker E-mail 667-3316
Dr. Shuo Wang E-mail 664-6633
Dr. Richard Weikart E-mail 667-3522
Dr. Brandon Wolfe-Hunnicutt E-mail 667-6627

Emeritus Faculty:

Dr. Austin Ahanotu
Dr. Britten Dean
Dr. Curtis Grant
Dr. Samuel Oppenheim
Dr. John Rasmussen
Dr. J. W. Smurr
Dr. Nancy Taniguchi
Dr. Ronald VanderMolen