Department of Art

The Art Department promotes the creation and historical understanding of art and design by offering curriculum that exposes students to a diverse range of art-making processes and a broad spectrum of artistic and intellectual models taught by an energetic faculty of practicing artists and scholars. In addition to the following programs, students may look in to Liberal Studies Concentration in Art.

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Learning Objectives

Students who complete the degree program leading to a Bachelor of Art degree in studio or Art History will have achieved:

  • A broad understanding of major techniques, processes, and theoretical approaches to drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and new media.
  • A broad critical knowledge of important cultures, movements, periods, styles, and individuals in the History of Art.
  • The ability to prosper creatively from critical input and exposure to varied viewpoints and backgrounds.
  • The ability to progress from an idea through stages to a completed creative statement that exhibits originality, conviction, and quality.
  • The ability to benefit through a professional involvement directly or indirectly related to visual art.
  • The ability to value the self-enriching nature of Art and to see parallel applications in other endeavors in life.