Single Subject Matter Preparation Program Mission Statement

The mission of the faculty of the Single Subject Matter Preparation Program is to professionally prepare exceptional physical education teachers and coaches that foster the acquisition of content knowledge and skills and promote physically active lifestyles of children and young adults through high quality physical education programs. This degree path allows individuals to enter into a credential program.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate and apply physical education content knowledge through taking exams, completing assignments, and participating in course activities.
  2. Students will demonstrate and apply motor skill competency in a variety of sports and games through successful physical participation and completion of the theory and analysis courses.
  3. Students will demonstrate effective communication skills and a high degree of professionalism in their coursework and at professional events.



Name Email Phone
Heather Deaner, Ed.D. (Professor, Program Coordinator) 209 667 3294
Sue Easthem, Ed.D. (Professor) 209 667 3691
Erin Hall, Ed.D. (Professor) 209 667 3219
Janice Herring, M.S. (Lecturer) 209 667 3855
Matt Fraze, M.S. (Lecturer) 209 667 3398

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James Bowen Memorial Award Recipients

2021 - Brandon Pacheco

Previous Award Winners

  • 2013 Christine Rettinhouse
  • 2014 Matthew Blakely
  • 2015 Omar Musleh
  • 2016 Enith Rojas
  • 2017 Nina Garcia
  • 2018 Gabriela Aguilar
  • 2019 Miguel Arellano
  • 2020 Brian Dudley and Salvador Gutierrez

Updated: August 08, 2023