We are pleased to have outstanding faculty and students who receive recognition for their research, service, and academic achievements in areas such as physical education, holistic health, exercise science, public health, teaching, strength and conditioning, sports psychology, health education, kinesiology, exercise physiology, and health promotion to name a few.

Student Awards and Recognition

2018 Katherine Temnyk 




Andrew Boland


Viridiana Van Den Hengel


Tirzah Ricklick


Katherine Temnyk


Jason Oliveira 


Channing Wilson


Rebecca Van Klaveren


Adriana Rivas

Exercise Science


Benjamin Davies


Kyle Alexander 

Public Health Promotion


Job Medina-Ramirez

Judge and Alverta Hughes Humanitarian Award
2016 Consuelo Hernandez (Kinesiology - Health Promotion)
Outstanding Student Organization
2013 Kinesiology Club

Department Awards and Recognition

2021 Brandon Pacheco
2020 Brian Dudley and Salvador Gutierrez
2019 Miguel Arellano
2018 Gabriela Aguilar
2017 Nina Garcia
2016 Enith Rojas
2015 Omar Musleh
2014 Matthew Blakely
2013 Christine Retteinhouse

2021 Rocky Pimentel
2020 Sean Fjellstrom
2019 Rebecca Linderman
2018 Krystle Sanders
2017 Alexa Sanchez-Estrada

Hannah Cifuentes 

2021 Job Medina-Ramirez
2020 Samantha Nerio*    
2019 Alexxa Banuelos*
2018 James Nelson*
2017 Bryan Jimenez*
2016 Consuelo Hernandez*  

*Previously Known as Outstanding Health Promotion Student Award


Single Subject Matter - Physical Education
2021 Andrew Boland
2020 Brian Dudley
2019 Miguel Arellano              
Exercise Science
2021 Benjamin Davies
2020 Kyle Alexander
2019 Sean Bender
2017 Jason Oliveira                
Public Health Promotion
2021 Job Medina-Ramirez
2020 Viridiana Van Den Hengel*
2019 Cinthia Morales Martinez*
2017 Sukhsharn Johal*

*Previously Health Promotion Highest GPA

Professional Organization Awards

2019 Diana Cardenas James Echols Award
2017 Jenna Boesch John F. Kennedy Award
2017 Bill Amaya James Echolas Award
2012 Bethany Kerr Winifred Van Hagen/Rosalind Cassidy Award
2012 Christine Rettinhouse John R. Kennedy Award

2020 Jorge Alvarez
2019 Kinsey Pettigrew-Taa
2018 Jade Poon
2017 Katrina Tooman
2016 Channing Wilson

Faculty Awards and Recognition

2021 Student Empowerment Award Janice Herring
2015 Student Org. Advisor Award Brent Powell

Updated: July 21, 2022