Current Residents

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We're Here for You

One of the best things about living on campus is that it allows you to focus on important things like studying, meeting new people, being independent, and graduating at the top of your class. 

Have a question or concern about living in the Village? Visit our Staff Directory or stop by the Housing Office to talk to a staff member. 

Event Sign-Ups and Maintenance Requests

You can access Village Venture off-campus trip sign-ups and file a maintenance work order by visiting the Housing Portal. If you have a maintenance emergency, please call the Housing Office at (209) 667-3675 right away.  


Wheel Barrow, Dolly, Vacuum, and Mop Rental

Don't have enough hands to carry your latest shopping items from the car to your apartment? Looking to do some cleaning before family visits? Stop by the Housing Front Desk to rent any of the above in exchange for an ID card to hold onto while you're using the items. 

Laptop Rental

Have a laptop that suddenly stopped working hours before a presentation or paper is due? Need to borrow one for a study group or team meeting? We have you covered! Visit the Academic Hub to check out a laptop at no cost. Due to COVID-19, if you need to rent a laptop during the fall semester, please contact the Housing Office Front Desk. 

Gaming or Sports Equipment Rental

The Housing Office Front Desk is home to all the gaming and sports equipment you might need. Whether you're planning to use the video game systems in the Community Center, shoot some pool in the Game Room, or play basketball, soccer, or tennis outdoors, stop by the Front Desk to borrow the equipment at no cost. Due to COVID-19, the Game Room and sports equipment check-out services will be closed until further notice. 


  • Office Appointments: schedule a Zoom meeting with our Student Accounts Specialist to go over any financial or housing student account questions
  • Academic Support Appointments: let us help you adjust to online classes and online test taking, develop better study and time management skills, communicate with professors, schedule appointments with other campus resources, and more
  • Laundry Alert: track how many washers and dryers are open in the Community Center. Password is csus2580
  • WarriorCard: learn all about where you will need your Warrior ID Card on campus
  • Warrior Eats: recharge your meal plan, look up menus, and see what dining events are happening around campus
  • MyCampusPermit: purchase a parking permit
  • On-Campus Student Employment: job postings for student assistants, work study, and academic student assistants
  • TV Channel List - coming soon!
  • How to File a Work Order - coming soon!