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One of the best things about living on campus is that it allows you to focus on important things like studying, meeting new people, being independent, and graduating at the top of your class. 

Have a question or concern about living in the Village? Visit our Staff Directory or stop by the Housing Office to talk to a staff member. 

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COVID-19 Testing Requirements for Residents

Recently, you should have received an email from Stan State Safety & Risk Management announcing the details of on-campus COVID-19 testing. 

Am I required to take a COVID-19 test because I live on campus? 
All residents are strongly encouraged to complete testing for COVID-19 on at least a monthly basis throughout the semester.  

Residents who are traveling back to campus from winter break or who travel during the semester are encouraged to get tested immediately upon return from their destination. If possible, residents should test prior to coming back to campus; although we understand that this is not always possible.  

Residents who are student-athletes, taking in-person courses, or nursing students may have mandatory testing requirements. Please review the COVID-19 Protocol for Testing for more information.  

If I have recently traveled, do I need to quarantine when I return?
Residents who come back to campus after traveling should sequester and limit themselves to essential outings only, such as work, health care appointments, or picking up mail and groceries, for 14 days in their unit in conjunction with testing. Testing should be done on days 5-6 and then again during the range of days 11-14. This protocol is based on guidelines from the Stanislaus County Health Services Agency. 

I tested positive while staying off-campus but need to return to campus. I am unable to stay off-campus. What do I do? 
You will be able to return to campus and safely isolate in your unit, but please notify Housing immediately and prior to your return, if possible. You can call any time, any day of the week, at (209) 667-3675 and speak with a Housing staff member who will help you safely plan your return to campus.  

Staff will help you isolate inside your unit, and will coordinate meal and grocery deliveries to your apartment or suite, laundry pick-up, trash and recycling disposal, and mail services. If you have roommates, we have units reserved specifically for them so they can safely quarantine as well. 

I’m living on campus and tested positive. What happens now? 
Notify Housing immediately. You can call any time, any day of the week, at (209) 667-3675 and speak with a Housing staff member. Staff will help you isolate inside your unit, and will coordinate meal and grocery deliveries to your apartment or suite, laundry pick-up, trash and recycling disposal, and mail services.   

You will not be directed to leave campus, or asked to figure it out on your own – we want you to isolate in the safety and comfort of your apartment or suite - and, if you have roommates, we have units reserved specifically for them so they can safely quarantine as well. 

All residents should fill out a Daily Self-Screen once per day and continue to follow the guidelines put into place by Housing and Residential Life. This includes wearing a face covering in all public areas and when interacting with others, refraining from unnecessary travel, not allowing non-resident guests inside residential units, and regularly disinfecting commonly touched surfaces in-unit such as door handles, countertops, and faucets. 

Testing expectations for COVID-19 are subject to change based on campus and local conditions, state or county requirements or other factors.

Flu Shot Clinic

With influenza season approaching, the Student Health Center is encouraging all students to get their annual flu vaccination. While the flu vaccine does not prevent COVID-19, it can prevent you from getting the flu and its resultant symptoms.

Students can now get their flu shot for free at the Student Health Center! All you have to do is make an appointment. Appointments can be made two different ways:

  • Call the Health Center at 209-667-3396.
  • Email with your name and telephone number to have a Health Center employee contact you to schedule. Add “Flu Vaccine” as the subject line.

The SHC has reserved appointment slots for Housing students over the next few weeks to ensure that the residential community are vaccinated for flu season. While it is not mandatory to receive a flu vaccination, it is strongly recommended.

If you have any questions about the Flu Shot Clinic, please contact the Student Health Center directly at 209-667-3396.

Monthly Programming 

A variety of free programs and activities are offered to Housing residents each month. If you want to meet and connect with your neighbors, there's a program for you. If you want study or catch up or some homework, there's a program for you. If you want to get creative or (virtually) travel to a brand new place, there's a program for you. Have an idea for an activity or workshop? Email the Programming Team at

Monthly Program Calendar

Maintenance Requests 

If you have a maintenance request, filing a work order is easy! All maintenance requests can be filed online by visiting the Housing Portal. If you have a maintenance emergency, please call the Housing Office at (209) 667-3675 right away.  

Step One
Login to the Housing Portal or select “File A Work Order” on any page of the Housing website.

Step Two
Select the “Maintenance” tab.

Step Three
Select “New Job” and be sure to include:

  • Detailed information about the problem
  • Specific location of the problem
  • Your contact information (name and phone number)

Have a clogged toilet or need emergency maintenance? Call (209) 667-3675 at any time day or night.

Front Desk Services 

The Front Desk, located in the Housing Office/Community Center, is open Monday through Saturday and closed on Sundays. The desk is open 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Saturday. 

If you need assistance after-hours, a Resident Assistant will assist you or take a message and your call will be returned by a professional staff member the following business day. At least one staff member is onsite at all times to provide assistance with emergency and non-emergency situations.

Wheel Barrow, Dolly, Vacuum, and Mop Rental

Don't have enough hands to carry your latest shopping items from the car to your apartment? Looking to do some cleaning before family visits? Stop by the Housing Front Desk to rent any of the above in exchange for an ID card to hold onto while you're using the items. 

Free Document Printing

Do you have papers or study guides that need to be printed for class? Need to turn in a copy of your resume for review? Even if it's just a document for personal use, the Front Desk has you covered. All Computer Labs on campus, including the two Computer Labs in the Village, are closed due to COVID-19.  

Email your document to (preferably in PDF form to guarantee the ability to print). Be sure to include your:

  • First and Last Name
  • Unit Number
  • Phone Number
  • How Many Copies You'd Like Printed
  • Any Additional Printing Details (2-sided, etc) 

Please email your documents to the Front Desk at least 24-48 hours in advance. Once printed, your documents will be placed in your mailbox. 

Mail & Packages

You can pick up your mail anytime at the Community Center mailboxes. Packages will be delivered to the Front Desk and you will be notified once received. Packages can be picked up at any time the Front Desk desk is open. Make sure to share your new address with those who may need it, and update your shipping address if you expect to receive mail:

Letters and Non-Packages
Housing and Residential Life
ATTN: [Your Name & Unit Number]
P.O. Box 819003
Turlock, CA 95382

Housing and Residential Life
ATTN: [Your Name & Unit Number]
One University Circle
Turlock, CA 95382

Stan State Mail Services, located in MSR 020 (downstairs), is authorized as a "USPS Approved Shipping Center" to provide services to the public. Stan State Mail Services is not located in the Housing Office. 

Mail Services available through the university are:

  • Stamps: Individual stamps, books of Forever stamps, some holiday and commemorative stamp offerings, and Forever stamps for international postage rates. Mail Services does not sell any stamps that are a set postage amount ($1.00, $0.49, $0.2, etc.)
  • Packaging Material: Flat rate boxes for priority mailing, other types of boxes for shipping, and bubble wrap for filler.
  • Packaging Service: Staff can prepare packages for mailing.
  • UPS service: Daily services include ground, 2nd day, and overnight delivery.  Parcel tracking is available. The cutoff time for outgoing UPS is 2:30 PM.

Payment for private mailings or UPS service can be made by cash, check, credit card, or Warrior Cash at the Stan State Mail Services Front Desk located in MSR 020. 

Laptop Rental

Have a laptop that suddenly stopped working hours before a presentation or paper is due? Need to borrow one for a study group or team meeting? We have you covered! Visit the Academic Hub to check out a laptop at no cost. Due to COVID-19, if you need to borrow a laptop during the fall semester, please contact the Housing Office Front Desk. 

Gaming or Sports Equipment Rental

The Housing Office Front Desk is home to all the gaming and sports equipment you might need. Whether you're planning to use the video game systems in the Community Center, shoot some pool in the Game Room, or play basketball, soccer, or tennis outdoors, stop by the Front Desk to borrow the equipment at no cost. Due to COVID-19, the Game Room and sports equipment check-out services will be closed until further notice. 

Connecting to Campus WiFi 

All rooms are equipped with WiFi internet access. Due to the recent WiFi upgrades around the Village, hookups to the ports are not available and all devices or consoles must be connected via WiFi.

Learn more about connecting your laptop, smart devices, or consoles by visiting the Office of Information Technology’s Wireless Network Access website.

If you have any questions or technical issues, please visit the Technology Support Desk in Library Annex 11. They can also be reached by phone at 209-667-3687 or email

Television & Cable 

All residents have access to premium cable. Your digital TV must have a QAM tuner to work with the school’s cable service. Most, but not all, digital or HD television sets have a built-in QAM tuner.

If you need assistance connecting your television ,please contact the Technology Support Desk at (209) 667-3687 or by email

Warrior ID Card 

If you do not have a Warrior ID Card because you are a new student or because you are a returning student who misplaced their card, visit the Obtaining a Warrior ID Card page on the OIT website.

Your Warrior ID will be printed for you and placed in your mailbox once it's received by the Housing Front Office. New students do not pay for their first Warrior Card. Replacement cards may be subject to a fee of $5.00.  



  • University Resources: quick links to resources available across campus, including OIT, academic departments, financial services, the campus bookstore, and the library
  • Office Appointments: schedule a Zoom meeting with our Student Accounts Specialist to go over any financial or housing student account questions
  • Academic Support Appointments: let us help you adjust to online classes and online test taking, develop better study and time management skills, communicate with professors, schedule appointments with other campus resources, and more
  • What's Open & Where to Eat: the Dining Services website allows you to view daily menus and see what's open in real time
  • Laundry Alert: track how many washers and dryers are open in Village III. Password is csus2580
  • WarriorCard: learn all about where you will need your Warrior ID Card on campus or add funds
  • Warrior Eats: recharge your meal plan, look up menus, and see what dining events are happening around campus
  • WarriorHub: learn about campus clubs and organizations, RSVP to Student Leadership events, and view the Student Leadership & Development monthly newsletter 
  • MyCampusPermit: purchase a parking permit
  • On-Campus Student Employment: job postings for student assistants, work study, and academic student assistants