Maintenance & Facilities

Our maintenance and custodial team works hard to ensure a safe, clean environment for residents. 

If you are experiencing a maintenance emergency, please contact the Housing Office immediately at (209) 667-3675 to report the issue.

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Filing a Work Order

If you have a maintenance request, filing a work order is easy! All maintenance requests can be filed online by visiting the Housing Portal

Step One:
Login to the Housing Portal or select “File A Work Order” on any page of the Housing website.

Step Two:
Select the “Maintenance” tab.

Step Three:
Select “New Job” and be sure to include:

  • Detailed information about the problem
  • Specific location of the problem
  • Your contact information (name and phone number)

Have a clogged toilet or need emergency maintenance? Call (209) 667-3675 at any time day or night.

Preventative Maintenance

Housing's maintenance team, in conjunction with the university's facilities department, work together to provide preventative and routine maintenance in the residence halls. This ensures that equipment is functioning properly and at its maximum potential.

While the team does its best to schedule maintenance when school is not in session, on occasion they may need to enter units and perform routine maintenance or equipment checks.

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Courtesy Cleans

Housing offers one courtesy clean each semester. Residents will receive a flyer on their door when their courtesy clean has been scheduled.

What's a courtesy clean? A free cleaning of countertops, sinks, showers, toilets and floors in the bathroom and kitchen areas.

Do I need to do anything to prepare? YES. Make sure to pick up belongings on countertops in the bathroom and kitchen so staff can wipe down the area. Staff will not move personal belongings (i.e. toiletry bags, loose items, decorations, dishes) if the countertop is cluttered.

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Trash & Recycling

Dumpsters for resident trash are located:

  • Outside the Housing Office
  • Behind the Village Cafe
  • Between Village 1 and Village 3 parking lots.

Cardboard boxes can be left broken down next to the dumpsters.

The Recycling Cage for resident recycling is the big green storage area located in Village 2. Recycling (aluminum and plastic) can be added through the chute. 

front load washer

Laundry Rooms

The Community Center Laundry Room (attached to the Housing Office) and the Village III Laundry Rooms are open 24/7 and available for resident use. Residents can use their key cards to access the laundry facilities.

Use of the washers and dryers is FREE and residents can even use their meal plan funds at The Market Convenience Store to purchase laundry supplies such as detergent, softener and dryer sheets.

Pest Control

Gnat, fly, and buggy season hits the Central Valley hard! Clark Pest Control sprays our community as needed to help prevent pests throughout the semester. Help keep your unit bug-free by following these steps:

  • Don't let dirty dishes sit out
  • Regularly wipe down sinks and countertops
  • Don't let the trash and recycling pile up - take it out regularly (ALL the way out, don't leave it by the front door)
  • Keep the front door closed - this will also help keep your unit cool on the hotter days

If you do have a pest problem that seems serious, please contact the front desk or file a work order online.

Updated: August 25, 2023