The following questions are a sampling of frequently asked questions received by the Housing Office. Please let us know of any additional information which you would find helpful. We are happy to post it to our website.

These questions are general in nature and are applicable to Housing License Agreement terms. In some instances the response is taylored to the academic year contract.

1. Why should I live in the Village instead of off-campus?

People choose to live on campus because it provides a true college experience. Living on campus at college is something that will only happen once in a person's life and studies show it makes an impact on overall success in college.

Students who live on campus have access to serivces you only get because you live on campus. These include:

  • Peer academic leaders on every floor.
  • Resident Assistants who help with the transition to college and acclimation to the university.
  • Academic and Career Advising support, as well as career guidance
  • Academic support programs and workshops, including tutoring and study nights.
  • Dozens of social and recreational programs
  • Wellness support and assistance
  • Freebies and giveaways!

Living on campus helps students make the most of their first year experience and ensures that students feel prepared for college. The fear of failing in college can be overwhelming and living on campus places you in a community with students having the same worry. Together, you support and help each other succeed. You are independent, but not alone.

Support personnel are also readily available to information and assistance to residents with questions about paying for college, becoming involved in college and successfully completing college. Living on campus literally provides a one-stop shop where you can go for help.

The on campus living environment provides a rich enrichment through which students gain knowledge and skills. Not only does this foundation help them stay in college and ultimately gain their degree. It helps develop life skills which will serve them long after graduation and into their chosen career field.


A study of Stanislaus State students shows that freshman students who lived on campus graduate in less time than those who chose to live off-campus.

The most recent graduation rate data demonstrated that freshman who lived on campus their first year, have a higher four year graduation rate, than those who lived off-campus!  (taken from First-Time Freshman Cohort Gradation Rates for the entering 2014 cohort)

36% of the Housing community achieved Dean's List recognition during the 2017 calendar year with the community overall seeing an 8% growth in Dean's List achievers over the last 4 years.

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2. How much does it cost to live in on campus?

The cost of housing is separate from tuition and books. Our all-inclusive rate offers convenience and ease because everything is wrapped up in one single payment. Our rates are extremely competitive with other housing programs, while offering a smaller more personal collegiate experience.  We have no hidden fees!

  • Rent
  • Meal plan
  • Utilities (no utility cap)
  • Laundry
  • TV Cable (including HBO, Showtime, Starz and Cinemax)
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Internet
  • Equipment check-out (vacuums, brooms, mops, basic tools)
  • Events and Activities (on and off campus)
  • Passes to on campus music and theater productions
  • Professional Academic and Career Counselor
  • Peer Academic Leaders assigned to each floor
  • Resident Assistants assigned to each floor
  • Academic and Residential Life Centers
  • Faculty-In-Residence

Information on housing charges is listed in the Money Matters section. The Money Matters section contains the housing calculator, payment schedules, and various forms relating to financial matters.

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3. How do I apply for on-campus housing?

Applicants to the university or those who have already been admitted can apply online under the Apply Now section of the housing website.

In order to log onto the housing application you will need to know your MyCSUSTAN ID and password. These are provided with your admission paperwork. Additional information on this is available on the MyCSUSTAN login page.

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4. Can I stay for only one semester?

Graduating seniors and single term international students are the only residents who may enter fall only contracts. Students who wish to move in at winter term must enter a winter/spring contract. Students who wish to move in at spring must enter a spring contract.

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5. Do you have single occupancy rooms?

Yes, we offer single-room occupancy suites and apartments for first year students. These are four-bedroom units, where each occupant has their own bedroom, but share a common bathroom, living room and kitchen (if applicable).

We offer single-room occupancy apartments for upperclass residents. These are four-bedroom units, where each occupant has their own bedroom, but shares a common bathroom, living room and kitchen.

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6. Is there a meal plan available?

Yes, meal plans are mandatory for both first year and second year and upperclass residents. Annual meal plans are allocated by term. Meal plan funds roll between terms, but not between academic years unless a resident contracts to live on campus concurrent years.  In this case a resident may roll up to 10% of prior year unused meal plan funds to the subsequent contract year.

When selecting a meal plan we recommend that you consider how many meals a day you think you will eat.  Meals typically cost between $7-$10, so looking at the meal plan daily rate gives you can idea of what plan option might work best for you.

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7. Can I request a specific person to be my roommate?

Freshman residents are matched to a roommate and assigned to a room by Housing and Residential Life.  This is done by using the rooommate profile completed in the housing application, as well as looking at the preferred room type.

Upperclass residents may self-select their roommates and/or room through the self-select system.  This system enables you to search for a specific roommates. Only individuals who have a completed housing application will appear on the roommate select screen.

A complete housing application is considered to be the submission of a deposit, the financial guarantor/co-signer form (if required) and the completion of the online application.

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8. What do I need to bring if I live in the student apartments?

See the information contained in the What Should I Bring? document located on the housing website.

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9. Is there a telephone line in my room?

No. The campus does not provide telephone lines. Cellular phone reception on the campus is excellent.

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10. Can I bring a TV and stereo?

Yes, although it is important to remember that you have a limited amount of space. We also recommend that you consult with your roommates to ensure that all of you aren’t bringing a TV or stereo for your common living spaces. This is especially the case for anyone assigned to a double or triple suite.

The Housing community has digital cable with direct service through the TV (no converter box).  If your TV comes equiped with a QUAM chip then you will have service.  TVs without a QUAM chip require a converter box.  A limited number of converter boxes are available for rent from the the Housing Office.  Boxes can also be purchased directly by the resident and brought to campus.  They cost about $60.

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11. Can I have an animal?

Animals, with the exception of fish in a tank no bigger than 5 gallons are prohibited. No animals may be within the Village grounds, unless they are an authorized University animal. Animal “baby sitting” is not permitted. 

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12. May I have an overnight guest?

Yes, but overnight nights must be registered in advance using the Online Guest Reservation and comply with the Housing Administrative Polices and Regulations. The length of stay for overnight guests, including housing residents assigned to other suites/apartments or family members, cannot exceed three consecutive nights in a month.  Residents are limited to having nine overnight guests per semester. Overnight guests are to be temporary and infrequent. Cohabitation is not permitted. Consult the Housing Administrative Policies and Regulations for additional information.

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13. What type of security is provided?

The housing facility is a gated community. Residents are assigned a gate key for access. In addition, emergency “blue light” telephones are stationed within the Village grounds as well as the adjacent parking lots. Housing and Residential Life works closely with the University Police Department with Officers patrolling both the parking lots and the internal Village grounds.

Cameras are placed at all gated points of entry into the community and at the pools.

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14. If I don’t get along with my roommate, may I move?

Yes, if you have engaged in conflict resolution sessions with your roommates and resident assistant, as well as the Residential Life Coordinator. Room switches are approved by the Residential Life Coordinator in situations where conflict cannot be resolved.

You should never feel that you cannot approach your Resident Assistant or the Residential Life Coordinator. If you are having roommate challenges seek help immediately. This is a common occurence as people adjust to living amongst a community.

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15. May I bring my own bed?

No. A bed frame and mattress, along with a mattress cover is provided. The bed is an extra-long twin.

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16. Does each room have computer access to the campus network?

Yes, each resident has an internet connection in their bedroom.  There is a hard line connection, as well as wireless access.

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17. Do I need insurance for my personal property?

It is not required, but it is recommended. The University is not liable, directly or indirectly, for the personal property of residents and guests due to loss by theft, damage by fire, damage by water, or any other cause. Residents are encouraged to purchase personal insurance, such as a renter’s policy, to cover such incidents.

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18. Who do I write my check out to?

Stanislaus State – Housing. Be sure to include the student’s name and identification number on each check.

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19. Can I sign up for an installment payment plan if I have financial aid?

Yes. Residents who receive financial aid are personally responsible for the balance of housing fees owed for the term. Residents may choose to pay on this balance monthly or make one single payment. All balances must be zero (0) by the end of the term.

Residents who receive Financial Aid should sign-up for the two payment plan when processing their online housing application. This mimics the University's financial aid payout schedule for financial aid and will help ensure that a refund, if applicable is processed in a timely manner.

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20. Is parking available for residents?

Yes, we have a large parking lot in close proximity to the housing facility. Parking permits are not included in the cost for housing. Residents may purchase their parking permits online through www.mycampuspermit.com.  You will need to print your receipt and display it on the dash of your car while you wait for your official permit, which will be mailed to the address you indicated while purchasing your permit. 

There are also economy parking permits available for purchase with a limited number of economy-designated spaces located in the parking lot adjacent to the Student Housing Complex.

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21. When do I have to display my parking permit?

Permits must be displayed at all times.  You can display your receipt for up to 7 days while you wait for your official permit to arrive.  Cars illegally parked will be cited.

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22. Can I apply for housing before I am admitted to Stanislaus State?

Yes, but you will need to know your MyCSUSTAN ID and password. You may access information about this at the MyCSUSTAN homepage.

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23. Are laundry facilities available in the residence halls?

Yes, there are 7 laundry facilities. The laundry facility in the Community Center features the Laundry Alert system through which you can monitor the status of your laundry online from your room or other location.

Village III laundry rooms have a laundry load machine located on the first floor of the northside laundry room (near apartment 141)

All laundry machines are free of change as the cost is included in the comprehensive rate.

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24. Is there cable television?

Yes. Each suite or apartment comes equipped with a cable TV wall jack featuring expanded basic cable. Residents are responsible for bringing their own televisions.

Premium channels, such as HBO, Showtime, Starz, and Cinemax are included with the digital channel line-up.  HBOgo and MAXgo are also available to residents.

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25. What is a Resident Assistant?

Resident Assistants (RA) are assigned to areas within the residential community and have multiple roles. They are event planners, great listeners, excellent pep talkers, and treasure troves of campus information, rule enforcers and just all around great people to know. Your Resident Assistant can assist you with roommate conflict as well as being able to provide a variety of information about housing procedures, the general campus community, and town of Turlock.

What is a Peer Academic Leader?

Peer Academic Leaders (PAL) are assigned to each floor within the residential community. Like their title implies their role is to help residents excel academically. To accomplish this they are training to assist with basic advising, understanding of the catalog, creating class schedules, knowledge of campus forms, etc. They provide workshops on a variety of topics including: study skills, time managment, graduate school, study abroad, engaging your faculty, etc.

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26. What are the policies for cancellation of my housing contract?

By signing your License Agreement, you enter into a legal agreement with the University. In the event a situation occurs that could cause you to be released from your contractual obligation, you will need to submit a “Request for Cancellation.” In all instances cancellations are subject to a cancellation fee equivalent to 30 days of rent and board plan in addition to any outstanding charges applicable to the date of cancellation request or check-out.

Cancellation prior to start of fee period (30 days before check-in) - Applicants can cancel online by navigating to the cancellation step in the online housing application. Log onto the application and select “Cancel Housing Contract.”

For the Fall Only or Academic Year Contract the cancellation requirements are listed below:

Cancellation before July 18, 2019 will result in a refund of $210 ($40 is retained as a processing fee.)

Cancellation after July 18, 2019 will result in the assessment of a daily housing rate equal to the number of days the applicant is active in the contract period. The contract fee period starts on July 18, 2019. Please allow 6-8 weeks for a refund to process.

Cancellation after July 18, 2019– You must submit your cancellation request in writing by email to housing@csustan.edu. Cancellation after July 18, 2019 may result in no refund as the pro-rated daily charge is applied against the number of days you are active in the fee period of the contract.  In some instance additional funds will be due as well.

Cancellation after August 18 or after check-in - You can do this by filling out a Petition to Cancel Request and submitting it to the Housing Office. Be forewarned that the documentation requirements associated with such a request are vigorous and there is no guarantee that you will be released from your contract. Consult the License Agreement and Housing Administrative Policies and Regulations for additional information.

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27. Can I get my money refunded if I decide not to live on-campus?

Yes, although the amount will be determined based upon the date you submitted your written cancellation. Please allow 4-6 weeks for a refund to process.

For the 2019-2020 Fall Only or Academic Year contract refund amounts are referenced below:

Prior to July 18, 2019 = $210 refund. A $40 application processing charge is applied to the student account.

After July 18, 2019 = Submit to pro-rata daily rate plus a $40 application processing charge is applied to the student account.

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28. Can parents or guardians who pay for their children’s housing obtain information about their account?

Residents under eighteen (18) are required to have a financial guarantor/co-signer. The person designated by the student as their guarantor-co-signer will be able to obtain information from the Housing Office about the student’s financial status.

A resident can also designate a FERPA Release Designee for housing financial information as part of the Housing Application.   This designee, represents a release by the student and enables housing representatives to disclose financial information which would otherwise be protected by FERPA and as such prevent housing from discussing with anyone other than the student directly.

Due to provisions under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Housing and Residential Life cannot release resident financial information without the consent of the student.

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29. Is a financial deposit required to reserve a space in campus housing?

Yes, the application process consists of three (3) steps. Failure to complete any of these steps will result in an incomplete application, with no bed space reserved for the student.

  1. Completion of the online housing application
  2. Payment of the deposit through the Campus Online Payment Center or by check/money order
  3. Submission of a Guarantor/Co-Signer Form for all applicants under the age of eighteen (18)

Residents who wish to request that their housing deposit be deferred pending a distribution of their financial aid should submit a Housing Deposit Deferment Request to the Housing Office.

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30. Do I need to receive any vaccinations before moving into the Village?

No, although Housing and Residential Life is required to provide residential students with information about Meningococcal Disease. Students are not required to have the Meningococcal vaccine, only to be provided with information through which they can make an informed decision about whether or not they want to be inoculated.

Although not specific to campus housing students must meet CSU requirements for vaccination. Information about these requirements is available through the Student Health Center.

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31. Are housing tours available?

Yes. You may schedule campus tours, including housing by contacting the Office of Student Recruitment and Outreach. Tours are offered Monday-Saturday.

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32. When will I be notified that I have a room or that I am on a paid waiting list?

Housing and Residential Life will send you an email once your online housing application are complete. You will receive a 2nd email once all three application steps are done.  You will receive another email providing either your roommate and room information (freshman residents) or your assigned lottery ti

For freshman residents, assignment to a room and roommates is based on the following criteria:   roommate profile infotmation provided in the housing application, availability of preferred room type and application completion date. 

For upperclass residents, lottery placement is based on the date and time Housing processed a complete application and is as follows:

(For the Fall Only or Academic Year 2019-2020 contract)

1. Returning Resident VIP Application Week and Self-Selection:   February 4-8, 2019

2. Complete Housing Applications received before 5:00p.m., May, 1, 2019

  • Freshman - roommate matching and room assignment will be assigned by Housing and Residential Life in accordance to date of application completion.
  • Uppercass - lottery timeslots for self-selection will be assigned by date of application completion.

3.  Complete Housing Application received after May 1, 2019 will be administratively placed in a room by Housing and Residential Life based on the availability of bed types.

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33. I did not receive the financial aid award that I anticipated, now what do I do?

Students are responsible for the balance of the housing payments and any other charge on their University Student Account that is not covered and paid by your financial aid disbursement. Subject to space availability you can request to be moved into a less expensive type of on-campus housing either before or after check-in. Contact Renee Giannini for assistance.

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34. When will I meet my roommate?

You will meet them on check-in day, but through the self-select roommate system you will be able to view student profiles, including an email address to facilitate communication with potential roommates.

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35. When does food service begin?

Dining service begins on Move-In Day, Sunday, August 18.  

University ID cards function as a campus dining card and will be needed before a resident can purchase food at any campus dining location.

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36. May I increase or decrease my meal plan during the school year?

You may change your meal plan option between the dates of August 18-August 31 or within ten working days from the first day of your contract period. You could also increase your meal plan by visiting the student account specialist in the Housing Office. 

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37. Where do I get my mail?

The Housing Office receives several mail deliveries Monday-Friday. Mail arrives through two mechanisms:

1) United States Postal Service

2) Shipping and Receiving

Typically postal mail is distributed to resident mailboxes (located outside the Community Center) by early afternoon. Shipping and Receiving usually makes a morning and afternoon delivery from vendors such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. These packages are typically available for pick-up late afternoon.

Notification is placed in resident mailboxes when they receive a package. Packages may be picked up in the Housing Office with the resident required to show picture ID.

Residents who elect to track a package are encouraged to send it via Shipping and Receiving as packages shipped through this mechanism are tracked all the way to the Housing Office.  Packages tracked through the United States Postal Service are only tracked to the point of arrival a the Turlock Postal Office.

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38. Is storage space available?

Students must use the storage space provided in their bedrooms and must reach agreement with their roommates about storage in common living areas. Housing and Residential Life does not have the ability to storage furniture or personal belongings.

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39. Can I bring my own furniture?

Residential suites and apartments may have one additional piece of furniture in the common area, subject to this furniture meeting a fire safety rating of 4 or 5. Residents must have proof that any furniture brought into the facility meets fire safety standards. Roommates are encouraged to discuss what each will bring at Check-In to ensure that multiple pieces of furniture are not brought. Housing and Residential Life will request that additional pieces of furniture or furniture which does not meet fire standards be removed. If it is not removed within the designated timeframe Housing and Residential Life staff will remove it.

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40. Do I have to move out at semester break and spring break?

You do not have to move out for the Thanksgiving holiday or spring break, but Housing and Residential Life does shutdown for the winter holiday break between the dates of December 20, 2019-December 31, 2019. 

The Housing facility formally closes at 12:00p.m., Friday, December 20, 2019.  Residents may return after 11:00a.m., January 1, 2020. With the exception of residents on a Year Round Housing Contract, these dates are not part of the Academic Year Housing Contract and no resident is permitted to reside in their assigned living quarters on these dates.  Note:  Personal belongings do not need to be removed (e.g. linens, clothes, etc.)

Contact the Housing Office to inquire about alternate housing on these dates.

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41. What is the campus ID number? How can I obtain my campus ID?

The campus identification number is a unique nine-digit number assigned to each student who submitted an application to Cal State Stanislaus. Campus ID

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42. How do I find out my campus email address?

It is typically included with your admission packet or is available through your Student Self-Service Account commonly known as MyCSUSTAN.

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43. Can I move In early?

Depending on the time of year and availability of space early check-in may be possible. Residents must submit a Request for Early Check-In in order to be considered. In general, early check-in is available to athletes, International students, out-of-state students, elected and appointed student leaders, and foster youth in the Promise Scholars Program. Residents approved for early check-in may be assessed a nightly fee.

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44. Can I check-out late?

The only residents considered for late check-out are graduating seniors, students serving as standard bearers in Commencement or students performing with the Commencement music ensemble. Residents must submit a Request for Late Check-Out by the specified deadline in order to be considered. Residents approved for late check-out may be assessed a nightly fee.

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45. What is the Alcohol Policy?

A resident, 21 years of age or older may possess alcohol, consume and store alcoholic beverages within his or her assigned bedroom. If all residents of the unit are over the age of 21 alcoholic beverages may possess, consume and store alcohol in the common living area of the apartment. No person under the age of 21 may have alcohol within the premises of their bedroom, suite or apartment.

Residents may not possess or consume alcoholic beverages within public areas of the housing facility. This includes the pools and outdoor recreational areas. Residents should consult the Housing Administrative Policies and Regulations for additional information about policies and procedures which govern the presence of alcoholic beverages within the residential community.

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46. What is the policy on drug use/possession?

Housing and Residential Life has a zero tolerance of the use or possession of illegal drugs. Residents found to be in possession or using illegal substances are referred to the University Office of Judicial Affairs and are subject to eviction. In such instances residents remain responsible for the cost of housing through their contract term.

Stanislaus State is a Drug and Alcohol Free Campus in compliance with Federal law.  As such no marijuana is permited on campus, including University Housing.

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47. Is smoking allowed in residential suites/apartments?

Stanislaus State is a Smoke and Tobacco Free campus.  As such no smoking or use of tobacco products is permitted on university grounds, including the student housing complex.  


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48. Are the residential suites and apartments co-ed?

No, rooms are assigned on a single sex basis, although floors are co-ed.   Students are encouraged to contact the Housing Office to discuss indivdiual housing needs, including gender inclusive housing options.

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49. What about married/family housing?

University Housing does not offer married or family housing. Individuals may refer to our Community Housing Information to obtain information about off-campus married/family housing options.

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50. How do I file a work order?

Work orders can be filed through 3 methods:

1. Online through the housing portal. Log onto the portal and select the Maintenance Tab, call the Housing Office or come to the office in person to request the order. You will need to provide the following when filing an order:

  • Detailed information about the problem
  • Location of the problem
  • Resident contract information including name and phone number

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51. My smoke detector is beeping. What should I do?

Call the Housing Office to file a work order. Do not attempt to change or disconnect the battery.

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FAQ for International Students


What is a Housing License Agreement?

The License Agreement is a contract to pay to live in campus housing for a specific duration of time.   

Can I cancel my Housing License Agreement?

A License Agreement can only be cancelled under certain conditions (e.g. marriage, disenrollment, financial hardship).  Someone in an agreement must submit a Petition to Cancel in order for their request to be reviewed. 

Can I live on campus for Fall term only? 

It is important to note that University housing contracts are full year contracts, from August to May. If you are an exchange or international student and you intend to leave the University at the end of the Fall Semester, you must do the following:

Register with the Office of International Education for one semester only
​Submit a Petition to Cancel Form by November 30 to the Housing Office

Do I have to have a meal plan? 

Yes, all residential students must have a meal plan.  You can change your meal plan by submitting a form within 10 business days of check-in.

What if I have special dietary needs and don’t want to select a meal plan? 

Exceptions to the meal plan are made under special circumstances.  An applicant can submit a request to the Housing Office which will then be reviewed and approved or denied by the Director of Campus Dining.  Such requests are rare and typically involve food allergies or dietary restrictions which cannot be accommodated by dining staff.

Can I defer my deposit and 1st payment so that I can exchange currency after I arrive in the United States?

Yes.  You can submit a deposit and 1st payment deferment form upon submission of your housing application.

Can I live on campus during the holiday break (Dec. 20-Dec. 31)?

During the winter intersession, the residential facility is closed and secured, with the exception of Year-Round residents or those who opt to pay and stay.   You can request to stay by submitting a form and paying the nightly rate.

Do you have linens and kitchen/cooking sets for rent?

Yes.  Both a linen package and basic cooking set can be rented through the Housing Office.  Charges for this are posted along with your housing cost.