Training & Development

What online courses are offered?

CSU Learn and LinkedIn Learning are available to all active CSU employees and offer hundreds of courses. Topics include business, interpersonal skills, management and leadership, software development, programming, design and desktop programs.

When is the next workshop going to be held?

Campus Training & Professional Development

Visit: CTPD website to review, select and register for any required courses for your classification or your personal & professional development.

How do I register, and how is my workshop registration confirmed?

The Professional Development Training Calendar provides information on how to register. For most classes, you will complete the Training Registration Form, have your supervisor sign it, and forward to Human Resources office (location info). Once your approved registration is received in Human Resources, you will be notified by email.

Is there a cost to attend a workshop?

Most workshops are free of cost. However, those that have a registration fee, e.g. desktop application classes, will indicate on the workshop summary any costs associated with the class. Travel expenses are in addition to the registration fee and are paid by your department if the training and related travel are approved. The Professional Development Training Calendar on the Human Resources website contains all relevant information for scheduled workshops. Please call 209/667-3351 with questions regarding specific workshops.