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Computer and booksCSU Learn offers all of your required compliance training and more than 75,000 online lessons, videos, e-books, and classes. All employees will use CSU Learn for their required compliance trainings and to register for other training and workshops. 

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Learning Bundles

Learning bundles are a selection of courses, articles, and webcasts built-in CSU Learn on specific topics.

Positive Psychology

NEW! Positive Psychology

Courses, CSU webcasts and other resources that explore the principles of positive psychology, and how you can apply these in your personal and professional life.

diversity image

NEW! Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Courses and CSU webcasts that focus on promoting equity and diversity in the workplace, challenging our unconscious biases, and appreciating cultural differences. 

Covid 19


Essential information about COVID-19. Learn and understand more about the virus and how to protect yourself and others by reviewing this selection of courses, websites and documents.

return to work

Return to the Workplace

These resources provide employees and managers with information and best practices to use as we gradually return to the workplace.

performance evaluation

Performance Evaluation

Learn best practices and tips for successful performance evaluations including why they are important, what to include and how to make them a success.

excel spreadsheet logo

Technical Skills

Courses on business writing, taking effective and professional notes, and Microsoft Excel and Word.

power skills image

Power Skills

Learn more in the areas of interpersonal communication, developing a growth mindset, self-discovery, and time management.

2 people with text boxes

Customer Service Skills

Learn about effectively communicating with customers, improving conversations, service excellence and addressing the needs of customers in an effective manner.

communication text box


Learn more in the areas of interpersonal communication, developing a growth mindset, self-discovery, and time management.

work life balance

Work/Life Balance

Learn techniques for managing stress, practicing mindful meditation and be reminded of practical habits that contribute to your well-being.

group of employees

Student Employee

Learn more in the areas of customer service, technical skills, and power skills.