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Welcome to CHRS Recruiting at Stan State! On this page, you’ll find user guides specific to your role in the recruitment process, training resources, and essential contacts for your questions or training needs. 

*CHRS Recruiting does not support Microsoft’s Internet Explorer version 11 (IE11) browser. Please use an alternative browser when using CHRS Recruitng. The recommended browser is Google Chrome. 

CHRS Recruiting Access

All employees have the ability to serve as a search committee member and/or chair in CHRS Recruiting. A Security Request Form must be submitted if additional access is needed to perform additional recruitment activities. 

Quick Reference Guide: 
How to Submit a Security Request Form for CHRS Recruiting 


Task Specific Quick Reference Guides


Video Tutorials

Job Requisition from a PD (Staff/MPP)

Job Requisition from a Template (Faculty/Student/Special Consultant)

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Please note, the demos may take a moment to buffer.  To view captions, please download the file.  Then view the file in Quicktime or VLC Media Player.  You may need to then enable subtitles. 

CHRS Recruiting Demo:  Using the Hiring Manager Dashboard
Shows the hiring manager dashboard and how to navigate it.  Briefly demonstrates the function of each tile on the dashboard. 

CHRS Recruiting Demo:  Acting as a Search Committee Member
Briefly demonstrates how to navigate CHRS Recruiting as a search committee chair or member.

CHRS Recruiting Demo:  Onboarding a New Employee
Briefly demonstrates the onboarding function and process from the new employee's view and the manager view.

Staff/MPP Training Recording:

Faculty Training:

If you are beginning a new faculty recruitment and would like training, or if you have questions on how to navigate CHRS Recruiting, please contact:
Marie Hirschkorn 

(209) 664-6734

User Guides


CHRS Recruiting System Questions 

Marie Hirschkorn
Faculty Recruitment
(209) 664-6734